Gotham City Rises!

Here they are, the poster designs that sort of sparked my 15 mins of internet fame, I really appreciate all the sites that posted these (as well as some other of my stuff), to many to name but I know there was at least 10 major film and pop culture sites, but I will mention Peter over at Slash Film who first ran the article on my fan art, he’s also said to send any more fan art his way if I think Slash film might be interested.

One thing I would like to clarify is the Catwoman poster, I read a lot of comments saying she looks likes she’s got stubble, it’s actually a film grain effect that was suppose to go with the deteriorated look of the whole design, but I guess I can see how people can misinterpret that, it wasn’t my intent though, the last thing I would want is a Catwoman with a Five O’clock shadow. 🙂

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19 comments on “Gotham City Rises!
  1. Selina says:

    Please tell me YOU made these and they are not real. Harlequinn and that is fne but catwoman oh my god. She is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to Male! The whole point of her costume is always to be femme, feline, but femme fatale. Please tell me this is not from Holllywood. IF it is it will be Worse than Holly Berry playing a woman who isnt even SELINA KYLE for gods sake. Catwoman the movie was a flop for a reason. It wasnt catwoman. People knew it was some girl named patience. I dont get it. There is no batman without bruce wayne. No spiderman other than peter parker, no superman other than clark kent… what if they were just turned into people that Any person off the street could become? Cheapens it doesn’t it? And is there more than One Joker? Riddler? Lex Luther? Anyyyyyy one? NO. But what is it about leather that makes Hollywood think they can put any female in a skimpy outfit and call her catwoman?? I havent seen anyone do catwoman since Michelle in batman returns. She was the best next to the ladies that were on the comedy tv series. Come ON Hollywood lets wake up and do it right for gods sake. Think Angelina Jolie, think “a woman like a cat/a kitten able to not just do gymnastics and be like a batgirl or something but be feline, be a fatale feline femme.. you know, seduction?? Tricks? Sensuality? Being a little too proud of being a woman and kicking @@@? THAT is why people like catwoman. ***sighs*** If that is the new catwoman I totally give up. Forget movies today like ever.

  2. vermihendrix says:


    calm down u. 🙂 this is fanmade
    and angie at catwoman???? she’s too butch. what’re u thinking!!

    try someone like Rebbecca Romijn…. she would be PURRFECT ar selina

  3. Ashz22 says:

    I was wondering if you coulld paste the background you used I will give credit. awsome posters

  4. Masquerade says:

    I would like to see David Tennant as the Mad Hatter. 😀 ROWR.

  5. Spence says:

    “I would like to see David Tennant as the Mad Hatter”

    That’s the Riddler, though I can see Tennant being MH as well. I still think Johnny Depp should be Riddler though.

  6. Spence says:

    I never watched Dr. Who, but David Tennant certainly looks the part of Riddler. And I think that Kristen Bell would make a great Harley Quinn.

    My only consern would be Catwoman. I agree with Selina that the purpose of her is to be a fem fatal with a hint of a concions.

    As for MH, I don’t think Tennant has the facial features for the character.

  7. mani says:

    dude you have to make a vid in how you made this

  8. joshmc says:

    I’m actually considering it. Just gotta work out some logistics.

  9. Lukew357 says:

    Im not a professional or an expert but your riddler and harlequinn posters are phenomenal. Good choice of cast keep it up!

  10. Drax says:

    I like how the colour scheme is differentiated from the blue hues from The Dark Knight to a more purple look in your posters. As for the title, ingenious!

  11. Armando Castillo says:

    I like the Catwoman costume it looks a lot like the one she had in Hush! and its more of Cris Nolan’s vision of a realistic world he has created in the movies. all you need to do is just fix a little on the face and it would be perfect.

  12. Stephanie says:

    I would say that it’s a great cast idea for Harley! However the outfit that you chose is a little to loose. Harley used the fact that she was a woman to help her and if she’s in a baggy jumpsuit she loses some of that power she would have had. I dress up like Harley Quinn all the time. A baggy outfit would be a bad move.

  13. Tweak says:

    Hey there.

    I just want to say, I’m a huge fan of your work.
    I found your site while google searching for Harley Quinn pictures and I was instantly impressed with your version of Harley.
    I have always been a huge fan of the classic DC comics version of Harley Quinn and am normally not so impressed with people’s attempts at making her more realistic or darker, but you have done an amazing job and I find myself more partial to your version of Harley than the original versions.

    As for your other creations, I am equally impressed with every single one of them, they truly are amazing.


  14. Danielle says:

    I loved the poster Harley Quinn but how do you do to the bottom of the decor? because you see I also do photo editing and am looking prints in each post. can you help me please?

    thank you answer me

  15. joshmc says:

    Not quite sure what you mean.

  16. Anonymous says:

    at least now we noe wat nolans catwoman really looks like..:D

  17. Anonymous says:

    is it gonna be a film or is it fake?

  18. Anonymous says:

    it can be true but i don t know

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