Wonder Woman Teaser

A mate of mine mentioned a recent Wonder Woman illustration I did would be a great shot for a movie poster, so it got me thinking and this is a quick design for a teaser poster I came up with. Manipulated the airbrushing a bit to look more like my regular WW model, actress Cobie Smulders, and gave it a slightly degraded/ancient look. The logo I’m quite happy with, (I’ll be honest it’s my favourite part of the whole image), I’ve gotten really good feed back from this, the tag line especially, people seem to like it a lot. The most surprising comment I got from this was from a blogger would openly admitted to not liking Wonder Woman but would definitely see a Wonder Woman move if it’s poster looked like this one. Oddly enough, there are some places on the net who believe this is legitimate, I’ll take that as a compliment. 😉

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8 comments on “Wonder Woman Teaser
  1. CAR0L says:


  2. Brandan says:

    I love this more than other photoshopped thing ever!

    May I use this at another blog for movie-sim game? I’d love for this to be my WW poster. and I’ll give credit of course.

  3. joshmc says:

    ^ Sure go for it.

  4. T O R M E N T says:

    This is an awesome piece of work you’ve done here mate! The leather-apparel thing you got going is GREAT and kudos on the instant web-fame that your pics have spurred on too! Some of these models have undoubtedly spread quite a buzz around the net; i personally caught glimpses of it on more than a dozen sites already (though I probably won’t be able to help on the links…) Wonder Woman is WAY overdue for a movie and that is an understatement! The maroon apparel is great, so is the skirt; I’ve personally disliked her bathing-suit ish attire from a creator’s perspective (though not from the perspective of a man), and this does give her the warrior’s edge of Ancient Greek’s fame. Here’s a suggestion: use Monica Bellucci as your model next time; she may be older now but a younger pic would, in my opinion, make her the perfect Wonder Woman in the flesh. In addition, I personally did not like the straps, and the logo should be larger so as to hold her cleavage in place. Other than that, awesome work! Good luck with your pursuits.

  5. justine says:

    Do you have real posters of this?

  6. Crusader K says:


    I was ready to go to the theater and buy a ticket! THIS is what the movie should be like!

    I could live with the straps if necessary, but I hope you can find a way to make the bodice work without…otherwise this is stunning work! Can you create a poster with her holding the glowing lasso?

    And Cobie? Girl, you were BORN to play the part!

  7. Elaine of Kalilily says:

    I became a fan of Wonder Woman back in the late 1940s (when I was 8 years old)when she held true to her Amazonian heritage. I would love to see her back, and portrayed the way you have in your poster. What a wonderful re-creation of her essential spirit!

  8. Louis says:

    I believe you used Jennifer Connelly as basis for it… Good job.

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