Chun Li Movie Concept

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at some new fighting game character designs, so I first wanted to try out the first lady of video games Chun-Li. This was based off a concept sketch I did a while back, the idea was to lean more towards a mixture of Chun-Li’s video game costume and her job as a police officer.  It still leans towards the former more but a bit more toned down in its execution. Her original costume is a bit too over the top and just wouldn’t work in live-action film so I feel this is a nice compromise, and captures the spirit of her iconic costume significantly more than what the 1993 Street Fighter movie did.   The model is Crystal Liu (or Liu Yifei as she’s also known) who I think has the right look for Chun-Li. About 10-12 hours done in Affinity Photo. I’ve moved entirely over to Affinity Photo for all my work now and as far as I’m concerned it’s more than equal to Photoshop for a fraction of the price.


Here’s the original concept.  Plan to eventually do the Cammy concept also, and maybe a few others too. street_fighter_concepts.jpg


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Ms Marvel Concept

I thought it would be kind of fun to see what Brie Larson would look like as Carol Danvers in her previous identity as Ms Marvel. A bit challenging trying to make the costume work but I think I got there in the end. I’m doing most of my work in Affinity Photo now as Photoshop has become too expensive to rent, so I recommend Affinity Photo as an alternative if people want a cheaper option.

So I used a cosplay image as my foundations, but gradually replaced each area of the figure adding in different limbs and body parts.  I call this ‘Frankensteining’.  The costume has different leather textures to keep it from looking too boring. The lightning stripe was probably the most challenging thing to design, it’s asymmetrical so was tricky to get looking right. Her sash I turned into more of a tied belt, and her domino mask I changed into some hi-tech goggles.  About 16 hours of work in total.


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Vixen DCEU Concept

Vixen is a pretty cool DC Comics characters that I would love to see done on film, so I wanted to come up with a film concept for the character. A lot trickier to design than I thought she would be, but I think this works pretty well overall.  Model is Amber Stevens West. Done in about 20 hours in Affinity Photo.


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She-Ra Time Lapse Video

Here’s a video time lapse of my recent She-Ra piece.

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She-Ra Movie Concept

So after all the drama about the new She-Ra redesign, which IMO is pretty awful, I decided to create a She-Ra movie concept more inline with the original cartoon design.  I created this in Affinity Photo as opposed to Photoshop as I’m trying to ween myself off Adobe software.  Sophie Turner was my casting choice. About 20 hours of work.


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Wonder Woman 2 – Cheetah Concept

So I finally got around to doing a Cheetah concept.  Not a very difficult piece to put together but interesting to see what Kristen Wiig may end up looking like when the movie comes out next year.  About 6 Hours work in Photoshop, surprisingly it was the hands that proved the trickiest to get right.


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Overwatch Mercy Movie Concept

Another attempt at an Overwatch movie costume, this time Mercy featuring Katheryn Winnick as the model.  This was very challenging to try and adapt into something practical but I think I came up with something that works whilst remaining true to the original character design from the game. I have no idea how long this look as I lost count of the hours involved.


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Skillshare Classes
I have a few drawing and illustration classes available to view on Skillshare for people who are beginners. These classes are for people just starting out in art and can apply to the photo manip work I do. Click on any of the links to get 2 Free months of Skillshare subscription and start your art journey today!

• Construction and Gesture Drawing
• Body Construction
• Head Drawing Part 1
• How To Draw Hands
• How To Draw Hair