This site is nothing more than a showcase for Fan Artwork of fictional characters, all characters belong to their respective owners, most imagery used is stock images, what imagery that isn’t stock belongs to the original owner, the celebrities used are used as models only and have not given permission to use their likeness, the fan artwork on this site is not up for sale nor does this site make any revenue from the showcasing of the images, this site is purely a means of sharing and talking about fan artwork with those who enjoy it.

Ever wanted to see yourself as your favourite pop culture character? Want to turn a friend into a superhero for a really unique birthday gift? Maybe you just want some non comic or movie related artwork done. Illustrations, Manipulations, Logo Designs, Typography - if you think I can be of service to you please feel free to hit me up on the email below.

To see my larger portfolio please visit www.joshmc.com
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