DCEU Supergirl Concept

Wanted to have another shot at a potential DCEU Supergirl concept.  This isn’t too different in design to one I did a few years ago as I kinda liked the overall look of that costume, but it gave me the chance to make some tweaks and improvements.  I used Saoirse Ronan as the model for this one who I think would be a good choice given her rise in popularity in recent years.  About 15-16 hours work.


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Overwatch Movie Concept – Tracer

I wanted to really step outside of what I normally do and try something a bit different. Overwatch has a pretty unique set of characters designed in a very cartoonish style. The challenge here was to find a way to make a believable movie concept for one of the characters.  I chose Tracer as she looked the most interesting but also because she seemed the easiest to try first up, however it was far more difficult to manipulate than I anticipated.  In the end I think I found the right blend of honouring her in game look and creating something that works in real life.  Naomi Scott is the chosen model.  About 15 hours work done in Affinity Photo and Photoshop.


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Flashpoint Joker / Martha Wayne Concept

Thought I’d whip up a Flashpoint Joker concept given WB seems to be pushing forward with the movie.  Tried to do something a bit different than just a gender swap costume, the idea I wanted to convey was that Martha Wayne would still wear something resembling high class fashion, but with a Joker inspired twist.  Wanted to avoid simply duplicating the Nolan messy make up look, so I went for something that was designed to resemble tears, representing her losing Bruce.  Lauren Cohan is of course the model.  About 8 hours work.


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Legend of Korra Concept Creation Video

Here’s the abbreviated video of my latest photo manipulation piece.


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Legend of Korra Movie Concept

So, I’ve decided to try and get back into fan art on a regular bases.  However given the amount of Superheroes and Comic Book characters that now have their own films I’ve decided to try and branch out a bit more from my stuff and try some different properties.  One such property is Legend of Korra which I’ve started getting into, so I whipped up a movie costume concept for the character.  The model is cosplayer Gibi who’s youtube videos and cosplay first got me attracted to the series.  About 14-15 hours of work in total.


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Harley Quinn Creation Video

Here’s the edited progression video for my recent Harley Quinn concept.

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Harley Quinn DCEU Concept

I’m not a fan of Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad costume and would like to see something a little more traditional in whatever follow up films she appears in.  I know Harley Quinn’s traditional jester costume was seen briefly in Suicide Squad, so this is more of a sequel costume design concept.  About 7 hours of work in Photoshop.


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Skillshare Classes
I have a few drawing and illustration classes available to view on Skillshare for people who are beginners. These classes are for people just starting out in art and can apply to the photo manip work I do. Click on any of the links to get 2 Free months of Skillshare subscription and start your art journey today!

• Construction and Gesture Drawing
• Body Construction
• Head Drawing Part 1
• How To Draw Hands
• How To Draw Hair