Harley Quinn Creation Video

Here’s the edited progression video for my recent Harley Quinn concept.

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Harley Quinn DCEU Concept

I’m not a fan of Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad costume and would like to see something a little more traditional in whatever follow up films she appears in.  I know Harley Quinn’s traditional jester costume was seen briefly in Suicide Squad, so this is more of a sequel costume design concept.  About 7 hours of work in Photoshop.


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Old and New Manipulation Videos

Two new videos, one featuring the Poison Ivy video I did recently, the other from a Wonder Woman movie still concept I recorded back in 2010.

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Jessica Chastain as Poison Ivy concept

So a few people have already beat me to it online  with fan artworks of Jessica Chastain as Poison Ivy, but I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring as well given I’ve never done a manip of the character before.  Tried to go with something as traditionally comic book looking as possible given that’s the direction the DCEU seems to be heading.  This was kinda fun putting all the details together using bits and pieces of different flowers and plants to built the costume.  I was a bit worried about over complicating things but I think the balance works, but feel free to let me know if you think otherwise. Probably about 10 hours of work in total for this.


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Brie Larson as Captain Marvel concept

So Brie Larson is  rumoured to be in the running for Captain Marvel so it only seemed fitting to create a manip of her as the character.  In truth I started this design months ago but wasn’t really sure who would make a good Carol Danvers, so I it put it aside until yesterday when the Brie Larson news broke.  About 7 hours in total, didn’t have much time to work on this so not 100% satisfied, I might come back and touch it up later on when time permits.


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Demona Creation Video

I haven’t done a video of me working on a piece in a while as it takes a long time to edit together, but I recorded enough small snippets of me creating my recent Demona/Gargoyles concept to put together a short video of the process. Enjoy the show!


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Gargoyles Demona Concept

Without doubt Gargoyles was one of the best animated shows of the 90’s, maybe second only to Batman The Animated series, so it’s surprising to me Disney hasn’t tried to get make a movie out of this series, especially with all the nostalgia marketed movies that are being made nowadays. This concept is of the character Demona which is well and truly the most difficult manip I’ve even completed, something close to 30 hours of work in total putting her together.  I imagine if something like this was to ever get off the ground it would have to be a combination of practical effects and CG effects.  I’m going to leave the actresses face a mystery, no real reasons for why I picked her, just wanted to see if people could figure it out. Feel free to speculate who it may be. 😉  Full image below.



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