Two Face – Dark Knight Promo

We sadly got no Two-Face promotional artwork for The Dark Knight, so as a result I thought lets make one! This was actually pretty straight forward, manipulated an image of Aaron Eckhart with that leaked Two Face image and hey presto! Instant Two Face Promo!

One thing I get asked a lot is ‘How did you do that?’, well to give you an idea as to how that Two Face poster was done here is the before and after manipulated image of Aaron Eckhart.

I had to take some lighting liberties in order to make the damaged side of the suit stand out a bit more, I basically had to add another light source, then it was a simple matter of cutting him out and pasting him on the Joker poster.

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One comment on “Two Face – Dark Knight Promo
  1. Justin says:

    Hey I’m going to give a suggestion for a new project. I couldn’t find an appropriate place to make this comment, so here I guess is good as any. I was thinking about other Batman villains, and I was thinking who could play The Penguin (though Devito did an amazing job). I was thinking of John Leguizamo. He did a great job in Spawn as the Clown/Violator. He’s great with voices, and he does the whole short creepy guy thing well.

    Also, someone who can replace Heath Ledger as the Joker. I know it’s a sad thought and a though act to follow, but Billy Crudup is an amazing actor, and at some angles he sort of looks like Ledger.

    Just some food for thought.

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