If Women Ruled The Earth 2: Thora

Hehehe.Β  Who else but Amber Heard for Thora? πŸ™‚ ❀


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47 comments on “If Women Ruled The Earth 2: Thora
  1. Hepburn3 says:

    Nicely done again. πŸ™‚
    So are you going to make Black widow, Black Widower?

  2. josh says:

    No Black Widower manip on the horizon I’m afraid.

  3. Hepburn3 says:

    You should give it a bash. For it would be rather nifty and I KNOW you would do an exceptional job Josh. πŸ™‚

  4. josh says:

    I don’t even know where to begin thinking about who’d be a Black Widower. It’s easier for me to think of female equivalents lol. πŸ™‚

  5. anon says:

    Were the nipple plates and skimpy skirt really necessary?

  6. josh says:

    I’m 100% honest when I say this now that you’ve pointed it out to me – I genuinely didn’t think about the position of those plates with that intention in mind, I was just trying to emulate the Thor costume as best as I could in a female form and that seemed like the best place for them lol.

  7. Elliott Back says:

    I like it, but she doesn’t fill the costume out properly. I think it’s the cape & armour vs the back/shoulders/arms which are mismatched in size. But I love the idea πŸ™‚

  8. josh says:

    Yeah, the armour is not quite to scale as it is on Hemsworth, but I had to make some concessions due to image availability and shape of the body. Can’t always get an image that’s the exact angle that you need sadly.

  9. Rika says:

    There are some good Jennifer Lawrence manips of a female-Thor out there. Absolutely love that version – this isn’t bad but I think Amber Heard’s physique and facial structure are a bit too fragile. Fantastic job on the armour/uniform.

  10. Jp Spitzer says:

    Who’s next? I die to know!!! Miss Hawkeye? Nicole Fury? She Hulk? No, wait, that’s another character. lol

  11. josh says:

    Not She Hulk but Lady Hulk is in the works granted I can figure out how to do it. πŸ™‚

  12. ChristopherDC says:

    Very nice work! I remember you used Amber Heard for a Supergirl image once before, and she looks just as good as Thora. It’s good to see you back in action again; I hope we see lots more of you in 2013, and am very much looking foreward to your Lady Hulk!

  13. josh says:

    Lady Hulk is a bit tricky but I think I’ve found out a way to do her. Hope to have her done in a couple of days.

  14. DawnWarrior says:

    Oh wow. These are so good.

    Please do one of girl-Loki. And please make it Rooney Mara. Somebody suggested Rooney on a cast thread somewhere and I think it would rule.

  15. brian says:

    this is awesome! another masterpiece from your awesome skills, i tip my hat to you sir…if i had a had heh. Amber Heard was a good choice to though i much liked her better as Supergirl. I was wondering if you were considering making a Female Spider-Man and yes i know there’s Spider-Woman but i think it’d still look cool if you did it

  16. josh says:

    @DawnWarrior I’ve got Lady Loki planned and already have an actress in mind, but I’ll consider Rooney Mara as well. πŸ™‚

  17. josh says:

    @brian Not sure about a Spider Woman. I have thought of doing the character though, still might do it in the future. πŸ™‚

  18. John Barrowman with red hair = Black Widower.

  19. JOeJOe says:

    Your stuff is always amazing, though I like your pic of Amber as Supergirl more lol. Speaking of which, is there any chance your working on another of her only in a Man Of Steel style super suit? Would really love to see what you can do πŸ™‚

  20. josh says:

    I’m planning a new Supergirl in the future once higher quality Man of Steel imagery becomes available, although the actress will be different coz Amber’s grown out of the role now.

  21. Anonymous says:

    hey… can you please do a video on how you did this or something like this?

  22. Lao Tahn says:

    I’m not sure how I feel having her called Thora (Don’t quite know if it’s counterproductive to put a diminutive letter at the end to remind people that the character is female?)…I think just going with Tyr would have been better it’s a name that is Thor’s name and it’s not generally associated with a gender. Just my two cents.

    I remember watching that movie and waiting the whole time hoping that Natalie Portman would wield the hammer and kick some serious ass.

  23. Cassidy says:

    I would deeply love if you could make more of Amber Heard as Thora! Please let me know if you do!

  24. Guerrero says:

    Who’s next ? And when ? πŸ˜‰

  25. Shawn says:

    anon: “Were the nipple plates and skimpy skirt really necessary?”

    Oh for god’s sake. No, of course they weren’t necessary. You know what else isn’t necessary? The entire f@#$ing costume, not to mention the character it’s based on. I didn’t hear any of my female friends complaining about Chris Hemsworth wearing the original Thor costume, and you know why? Because they were too busy drooling, sometimes literally. Yes, this costume sexualizes the wearer. That’s the point. That has always been the point of every superhero costume ever made. Deal with it.

  26. Sherlokid says:

    These are all frickin’ awesome man! Though I worry for her circulation if it gets cold with that skirt haha. Rooney Mara would be an awesome lady Loki omg.
    Also Tyr isn’t a female name and he’s actually another son of Odin in the mythology, along with Thor, so that wouldn’t really work… I think Thora is a cool name πŸ™‚

  27. Name says:

    If women ruled the world American Hero Comic style… then this’un wouldabeen called Thor and it’d be a female name, no doubt. But honestly, the entire American Hero Comic thing is getting on my nerves. Especially simply snarfing stuff from elsewhere, stripped of any original meaning.

    The pattern is tired, the originality gone, and adding more hollywood to it fixes none of that, as they have exactly the same problems. Producing cheap copies like a chinaman isn’t the same thing as inspiration, dammit.

  28. mobeie says:

    I haven’t read anything else you have written, so I don’t know if you have answered this, but will you be doing a female equivalent of Loki?

  29. josh says:

    Lady Loki is in the works also.

  30. Trevor says:

    Thora? Try Tarene (aka Thor Girl), and as for Cap., I’d call her American Dream (Google them).

  31. josh says:

    Yes, I know those character exists, these aren’t suppose to be those characters ok?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Lady Liberty sounds better, and its legit!

  33. Wayne says:

    “Who else but Amber Heard for Thora?”
    Haha! I thought it was a nod to Thora Hird

  34. Eliza says:

    These are seriously awesome! I love it whenever you post a new one. They’re so incredible looking! And I love your actress picks. Each one looks SO GOOD!!! Thanks so much for positing these! They are seriously awesome and incredible and ohmygod, I love them to death <33

    I'm super psyched to see your girl Loki!! I hope you do that one next!! I can't wait to see!

  35. Lex says:

    Very pretty but very inaccurate. Plus one hit to the breast plate would force the centerpiece of the armor directly into her sternum, likely cracking it and causing serious injury or death.

  36. josh says:

    Um, it’s not real.

  37. Mobee says:

    This is where you use your imagination. It’s a wonderful thing, try it!

  38. Tim says:

    Dianna Agron would also be pretty cool. Of course, I’m writing a Glee/Avengers character crossover, and that’s who is playing Thor in it, but still.

  39. Anonymous says:

    that armor would definitely crush her sternum. shaping the armor in the shape of her boobs is not safe at ALL. And just like male Thor, her legs should be protected.

  40. Lian says:

    really want this outfit for comicon !! x)

  41. Billiam says:

    Really I don’t know why everyone always gives a female version of Thor some kind of feminine name. Norse feminine names weren’t all that feminine to begin with. You know what one of Thor’s daughters was named? Thrud. Yeah, doesn’t make you think woman doesn’t?

    And there was a Norn named Skuld. So really if someone just wants to genderbend Thor, the name change doesn’t mean all that much.

  42. Cymre says:

    This is fantastic!

    I happened to stumble across this image after trying to find some info on the new female Thor. It took me a while to find the original artist but I’m glad I can now give credit where credit is due.

    Keep up the great work!

  43. Anonymous says:

    This is wonderful! I was going to be a gender swapped version of Avengers Thor for an upcoming con, but I think this armor setup you have here (with a couple tweaks– not sure how I feel about the nipple plates :/) would work so much better. Thank you for the reference point!

  44. Mark Rothko says:

    Awesome Shot πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing.

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