Another costume design comes to life!

Been a while folks since I posted any new artwork, had some problems to overcome which have left little time for artwork, but in the mean time check out this real life rendition of my Wonder Woman costume concept. Costume looks great and the girl is effing beautiful. Credit goes to Adam Jay for the photos, Hermes Terceiro for the costume and Sarah Scott for modelling.

full set of photos can be found here on on the Superheroes Photography Facebook page.

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9 comments on “Another costume design comes to life!
  1. I am very glad you liked it, Josh! I tried to incorporate as much as I possibly could in that suit, from your original concept, and even then the breastplate and the tiara are different, I guess the rest is up there 🙂

  2. Amy Lynn says:

    Truly fantastic! It’s a great costume, the photos are great, and the model is just about perfect as WW.

    And I’m glad to see you back posting again, Josh! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    gotta say this looks pretty cool

  4. Simon Bergeron says:

    I thought this cosplay would be impossible, but they made it happen, and the model, photograph and costume are all incredible. That would make for an impressive WW movie! Not a TV show, not a comic book, a very special WW movie! I’d queue for that.

  5. Kara says:

    On the whole I agree the the costume is awesome. However, IMHO, the breastplate and tiara need to be scaled down before I would say it’s perfect. At first I was going to say I thought the belt was too clunky as well, but no, I think it works… some heft makes it believably functional as swordbelt and a secure place for the lariat. Love the photography. I think the overall look really nails the tough Amazon image that I’d like to see WW project.

  6. fly says:

    this is wrong the costume is to big on here and i dout wonder woman can movie around fast in that they should just go back to the less poofy that would be great for a out peice but for the inside she should take all that armor off and under it it should be the real wonderwoman costume

  7. whoa says:

    Hey, I’m making a Justice League poster and was wondering if it’s okay with you if I use your Wonder Woman costume? Thanks! And congrats!

  8. studio graficzne poznań says:

    I really like marvel heros and i want to say that you have a great talent I will visit yourblog more often in future

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