If Women Ruled the Earth – Age of Ultron Edition: Miss America

Hi all once again, been along time between posts.  To celebrate the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron I’m revisiting the Lady Avengers concept I did about 2 years ago as all the characters costumes have been upgraded since the last film.  I’ve currently got 4 concepts sketched up (the 4 main Avengers) but depending on how I go for time there may be more down the line. Miss America (she’s still a Captain, it’s just for title purposes) is first up, once again portrayed by Alison Brie.  I had a lot more luck this time around  finding hi-res images to use of this costume than I did the previous one, although I still couldn’t find a decent shot of the helmet to use so once again she’s uncovered.  Overall about 8 or 9 hours of work.

Update: Thora artwork has now been uploaded.


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Future of the site and other projects

Hi all, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, things have gotten super busy in the last few months with work and side projects which have left me little time to be creating anything for this site.

Firstly about my artwork, the landscape for superheroes on film nowadays has changed, both Marvel and Warner Bros are moving forward with their respective universes with dozens of new characters being introduced in the next few years.  For years I was happy to focus on creating characters for non existent films I had in my head, now those films are finally becoming a reality.   As many new characters are about to grace our screen it’s leaving me fewer option to create characters not yet explored.  In terms of photo manipulation artworks I think the superhero genre has run its course for me.  I have attempted work on a couple of characters in the last few months but the enthusiasm I once had isn’t as strong as it once was because of the slate of movies coming our way.  I think now I’m more happy to just sit back and watch these characters come to life instead of trying to bring them to life myself. Instead, I’m hoping these films will inspire me to do some illustrated artwork which I will post when I can.

Going forward I’m going to keep this site active and update with new artwork when I can, it’s probably not going to be as frequent as I’d like it to be.  Thanks to all who have stuck around and supported this site.  Here’s to the future!

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Hulk Illustration Commission

Hey all!  I totally forgot to post this ages ago.  I did this a while back for an old school friend for her son’s birthday as he is a massive Avengers and Incredible Hulk fan.  I think without doubt Hulk is one of the coolest and most fun characters to paint given his size and animal like qualities.  Had an absolute blast painting this. Overall about 6 hours of work in total done in both Corel Painter and Photoshop.


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Man of Steel Supergirl Concept

Hello all!  Long time since the last artwork I know, been super busy as of late but I’ve finally managed to come up with a brand new manip.  Some of you may remember I got commissioned to do a female Superman artwork last year, however that was just an adaptation of the Man of Steel costume. I’ve actually been wanting to do a proper updated Man of Steel Supergirl concept for a while now, one that isn’t just a feminised version of the Superman costume but rather has it’s own design unique to her side of the family.   Inspirations were taken from the classic Supergirl costume as well as the New 52 costume .
I went with Chloe Moretz as the model who is about the same age and height as the character even if she is a bit of an obvious choice, but she’s a pretty good actress from what I’ve seen. Overall about 11 hours of work.  Quite happy with the end result.


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A note on the future

Hi all, sorry for there being a lack of content over the last few months.  Things have been quiet here lately on Fan Art Exhibit for several reasons, the main reason being that I’m struggling to find time to fit in any fan artwork to post.  I love doing the artwork because it gives me the chance to celebrate the characters and franchises that I love in the form of illustrations and manipulations.  But the problem is I cannot dedicate the time and effort when I have paying work that needs doing.  Some have suggested to me to sell posters or prints, as much as I’d like to be able to sell prints and posters of the artwork that I post the truth is copyright laws prevent me from doing so.  I’d like nothing more than to dedicate all my time to developing cool artwork for the franchises we all love on this site but with no means of being able to generate money on the site what I’m doing is only going to be a hobby at best.  I can assure you all I’ve got ideas ready to go and have plenty of concept sketches tucked away, but they are last on my to-do list at the moment.  I do feel disappointed that  I can no longer produce artwork with any regularity like I once was able to because I’ve gotten great feedback and support from a lot of people who enjoy seeing specific characters brought to life.  Here’s hoping things might change in the coming months. 🙂

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Jessica Nigri Poster

Hello all!  Happy New Year, hope everyone had a great holiday break.  I’m finally able to post this, a little while back I created a poster for cosplayer Jessica Nigri and sent it to her.  She finally received it the other day when she did her weekly(ish) mailbag video so now I can share it with everyone else. I’m pleased to say she loved it. 🙂  About 25 hours of work done in the style of Drew Struzan.


Here’s her mailbag video.  Skip to 11:49.  Take note the video is mirrored.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 9.54.35 AM

Glad you like it Jessica. 🙂

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Breaking Bad Poster Contest Entry

A few weeks back a friend sent me a link to a Breaking Bad season 5 poster contest for a local retailer in celebration of the upcoming Bluray/DVD release of the series finale.  Being a big Breaking Bad fan I was never going to miss this chance!   The brief was pretty simple – create a poster with the images supplied.   However, instead of doing something that’s been clearly Photoshopped to hell I decided to draw a Drew Struzan inspired poster, something I’ve tried several times with mixed results.  I’ve admired his movie poster artwork and design style for years, I even watch some video of him working to get an idea of how he goes about creating his work.  In the end though I realised he works differently to me so I just did a Struzen-esque poster in my own style, and for the most part I’m pleased with the results.   Probably about 20 hours work.  I’ll let you know how I fair in the contest. 🙂

UPDATE: Sadly I didn’t win the Breaking Bad Poster contest, I was however one of the 10 finalists and so won a runners up prize of the Breaking Bad Blu-Ray boxset.  🙂 There were some seriously good entries that made the final round so it was always going to be hard to win, but a top 10 finish isn’t too bad a result in my book, it’s the first time in many, many years I can remember winning anything, so I’m not complaining.   Check out the finalists and winning design at breakingbadposter.com.au.



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