Magdalena Still

I have no idea if this film is still going ahead or whether or not Jenna Dewan is still playing The Magdalena but none this less here is an interpretation of what an on screen version of the character may look like. This seemed pretty straight forward, The Magdalena costume looked fairly easy to adapt on paper, but turned out to be very fiddly, all that gold trimming took ages! Probably about 13 hours work on this one.

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6 comments on “Magdalena Still
  1. rainingcrow says:

    this costume is wonderfully done. I am truly impressed.

    though something about the perspective or proportions of the head seem a bit odd. I think it’s the relation of the depth of the neck by caparison to the face, or perhaps size. I cant quite put my finger on it. The overall image is very nice though.

    The inclusion of an authentic period roman spear tip is very nice. An embellished silver handle could set it off a bit more. After all the handles from such spears rarely survive and would have been replaced over time anyway. 😉

  2. joshmc says:

    The head looks off coz of the hood, if I remove the hood it looks fine, not sure why coz that whole upper torso is Jenna body, just a weird illusion I guess.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful work JMC! I echo what the first poster said but it is so great it almost overtakes the imperfections on the head. I think I commented this already too on another site but the hair seems a bit choppy. Maybe tappering it in more to make it seem like the hood has more weight would make it better?

  4. Simon Bergeron says:

    This is one impressive work.

    I wonder how you can accomplish that on Photoshop… or mauybe I’m just not that experienced… one thing is certain, I need to learn a lot to do half of that, and that ain’t no complaint… it’s the truth.

    Wonderful composition, light and textures.

    Such a sight means the man knows his Photoshop.

  5. Michael says:

    I have to argue, actually; I think the head looks better than on some of your other manips. Everything’s perfect about this one, great job.

  6. Thierry De Wolf says:

    If I’d had to chose three great photo-manipulations from your gallery, this one would be in it. That’s all I’m saying. Great work, nothing to point out on it, and that’s a lot coming from me. Trust me 😉

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