Green Lantern Teaser

Off the back of the news that Green Lantern looks set to start very soon, I thought I’d whip up a quick teaser poster, found a perfect stock photo for it too, curious to see what the GL faithful think.

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9 comments on “Green Lantern Teaser
  1. Paul says:

    The one thing I like about this is the fact that my eye goes right to the ring. The ring is an important part of The GL mythos. I think it is true to the character in a cool Geoff Johns way. Glad to see you have website that I can learn how you do all this amazing quality work.

  2. Ishmayl says:

    I like it, who is the face behind the ring?

    Also, do you plan on creating any actual full-character mock-ups (ala your Wonder Woman and Superman)?

  3. joshmc says:

    It’s just a stock photo so I have no idea who’s face it is, I was more focused on making the ring the centre of the image. Yes, I am doing a full GL character design.

  4. Jason Tselentis says:

    As a true GL fan, I am stunned by your concept art. Stunned as in: Way cool, man! I’d want to see the film based on what you’ve shown in the poster. Question is, Who’d get cast as Hal Jordan / GL? And what about Sinestro?!

  5. joshmc says:

    Not sure who I’d cast, but when I do a GL concept design eventually I’ll use that latest GL movie casting rumour as my model.

  6. shrugged says:

    Absolutely gorgeous poster, very commendable but I like the original symbol for the Green Lantern Corp and yours looks like an hour glass, keep in mind that the lantern is not only their symbol but also each member has a actual Lantern to recharge their rings as well as their base of operations is a giant lantern as well. Symbolism is key and comic book readers are beyond touchy.

  7. Costa says:

    Yeah, that blew my mind a little bit, not gonna lie.

  8. D Jones says:

    GL faithful think… that symbol on the RING is not acceptable! 😛
    otherwise really talented work

  9. Doc says:

    Nice. I 100 percent agree with D Jones however. Stay true to the actual symbol.

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