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Workshop 7 – Better Background Blending

Ever done a piece with a character on a background looked at it and thought ‘Something’s not right here’. Chances are the character and the background haven’t been blended together well. It’s a common element that I see overlooked quite

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Workshop 6 – Mega Movie Still

I’ve come to like creating fake ‘Movie Stills’ for characters that don’t exist or for films yet to be released. I have the most fun with these type of artworks, I think it’s because I really like to push it

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Workshop 5: Movie Poster Madness!

I like seeing fan made posters of upcoming films and past films, I like seeing some amateur (or sometimes even professional) using promo photos and other elements and coming up with a completely different design to what gets officially released,

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Workshop 4 – Do It Yourself Two Face

Sadly we got very little in the form of promotional imagery of Two-Face from The Dark Knight but that hasn’t stopped many a photo manipulator from doing there darnedest in trying to create there own imagery. Here I’ll explain the

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Workshop 3: Tweaking the Wheel

The age old question when Hollywood adapts a superhero is how much should you / do you need to change the costume? For some, the costume works OK as is, others don’t, even if fans don’t like it, some change

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Workshop 2 – Details, Details!

Smooth or rough? Glossy or matte? Patterns or flat? These are some of the questions that go through my head when coming up with a design, but really the main question is: How much detail should I add? I have

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Workshop 1: Character Design

I’m not a massive fan of ‘How To’s’ coz generally when you follow them, your finished work still doesn’t turn out right, so instead of telling you “You’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that”, I’ll simply explain

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Skillshare Classes
I have a few drawing and illustration classes available to view on Skillshare for people who are beginners. These classes are for people just starting out in art and can apply to the photo manip work I do. Click on any of the links to get 2 Free months of Skillshare subscription and start your art journey today!

• Construction and Gesture Drawing
• Body Construction
• Head Drawing Part 1
• How To Draw Hands
• How To Draw Hair