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New Wonder Woman Still

Thought I should do an updated WW still, nothing major here, just a few design tweaks here and there, and a bit of a colour boost. New Wonder Woman Promo piece here. Advertisements

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Character Design – Wonder Woman Updated

Got a bunch of new stuff coming out in the next week or so, first piece, an updated WW design. I’ve taken some of the feedback and critiques people have made with my WW design and applied some changes, most

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DC Trinity Still

Ah, is this not the DC fanboy dream? To be honest I don’t care much for the idea of having a JL film, especially one involving Nolan’s Batman (but that’s an argument for another day!). I actually started this a

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Wonder Woman Teaser 2

I was originally going to turn my previous Wonder Woman photo manipulation into a movie still but ran into a few brain hurdles, so as a result I’ve just turn it into a new movie poster concept. Please Note: THIS

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Wonder Woman Concept – Costume in Action

Another Wonder Woman concept, wanted to give a more action pose this time round, Used my previous photo manipulation as the reference for this, I’m probably going to put some sort of background behind it. Model is Cobie Smulders, feel

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Character Design – Wonder Woman

UPDATE: I’ve updated this design slightly, bit more sleek and more comic like. New Wonder Woman Promo piece here. Updated costume Damaged costume Since WB has decided to do a bunch of solo films for the DC characters, over the

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