38 comments on “Stills
  1. roguecatwoman says:

    Your manips are lovely! I’ve seen that Harley all over the place!

    I was wondering if I could archive your Batman & Catwoman still at my website? I’m trying to add a Nolanverse section and your piece is perfect. Please let me know if it’s okay. =)

  2. Brooke says:

    These are all so amazing! Would you consider making a Batman/Wonder Woman image?

  3. jess says:

    WTF? why aren’t you the one working in hollywood? You should definatly submit the trinity to WB and every other guy out there. You got beyond talent!

  4. Nate says:


  5. justine says:

    You should turn these into real posters. I would buy a few. Order a bunch of your stuff as movie posters for my wall.

  6. Tyler says:

    Your work is spectacular! You did an amazing job on these. I would love to know what program you use.

  7. joshmc says:

    I use Photoshop.

  8. SS says:

    Hey Josh, incredible job yet again. I love featuring your stuff on my site with a proper credit of course. I emailed Ebay about that guy as well – hope he gets banned. ( Who do you use for Wonder Woman? Thanks!

  9. joshmc says:

    Hi, I use Cobie Smulders as my WW model.

  10. K.A.O.H. says:

    If they make a second superman movie you need to become the costume designer…seriously!

  11. Dave says:

    YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!!! I’d love to see some Xmen.

  12. Shades says:

    These are amazing! So you are the source of the Reynolds Green Lantern image that we keep seeing everywhere! Awesome!

    Would you do a Justice League vs DC Villains image? Sorta like Batman, Superman (I love how you kept Brandon Routh), Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and I dunno, maybe Green Arrow, facing Luthor, Joker, Harley, Scarecrow, Ra’s Al Ghul and Two-Face. Thats probs a lot to do, I just thought it would be an amazing image.

    Your fantastic. And I agree with Dave for some X-Men :)

  13. joshmc says:

    I can’t imagine how long something like that would take, then there’s finding the photographic images for all those characters. I’ve kinda avoided doing multiple characters in one image for the shear time factor, it takes me long enough to do one character, it would take me many months to do something that grand in scale, it’d be quicker to paint it. Thanks anyway.

  14. Anonymous says:

    My god, i’m trying to imagine melissa joan hart as like the dee dee twins, hey! here’s an idea how bout u do a pic of her as the dee dee twins! I mean she did do the voice for them.

  15. joshmc says:

    Got no plans for those characters at this stage but the suggestion is noted.

  16. VaNe5a says:

    David Tennant as the Riddler and Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn in a still together with batman and catwoman? hmmm.

  17. Alex10 says:

    Oh !! OO ! Very great work !! Can you try Ryan Reynolds as The Flash please ?

  18. Luther Fox says:

    If I were to choose only one word to describe your works it would be AMAZING.

    Oh, a request if I could. Could you use Bridget Regan as a model for one of your Wonder Woman manips. I’ve been trying desperately and without success I might add. Thanks and more power.

  19. Garcia Junior says:

    Wonder woman and green lantern are perfects. The others is awesome to!

  20. Ismail says:

    These ROCK!!!!! :) :) :)

  21. buckarez says:

    Your Wonder Woman concepts are so much better than the crappy outfit they’ve come up for this new series by David E. Kelly. They should be looking at your work for inspiration!

  22. J.Stone aka Stone Comics says:

    Dude, I love your work ! Amazing ! I read you use photoshop. I myself am an artist and I have been struggling to get my work that perfect oil paint look. How do I do this with photoshop…can we colaborate ? Ethier way I admire your work. Cobie Smulders is super hot ! Great choice.

  23. Marco says:

    I recently watched the failed pilot for Wonder Woman. It was such a disappointment. The most annoying element of the show was the hideous design of her costume. I can’t help but think if they had just used your respectful and innovative design for her costume maybe the show would have been given the green light.

  24. Aiden says:

    You should do a Robin costume! it would be awesome and since Christopher Nolan already said he wasnt going to put Robin In his movies it would be really awesome to see your version!

  25. Bruce Kenobi says:

    Excellent work!! I really like the Wonder Woman take, MUCH more than anything they’ve done in film/television. I was wondering, have you tried doing an Angelus Queen? (The Darkness comic) or an appropriate witchblade? just saying….

  26. josh says:

    Witchblade I’ve considered but all the metal is daunting task.

  27. Bruce Kenobi says:

    You are right!! all that metal would be a nightmare… some point I saw a Rachel McAdams cast as Jean Grey in a web site, I thought it would be cool, and as I said you seem to have no problem with armor so the Angelus would be cool….

  28. brian says:

    i love your work you’re very talented. i just wanted to say that, and i was wondering if you have ever thought about making pinups images of the DC heroes in either 40’s or 50’s style. i think that would be a cool little experiment to try out

  29. josh says:

    Never really done pin-up art before, but I’ll keep it in mind, thanks for the idea.

  30. Who is that you’re using as Supergirl? It’s a fantastic image. Costume’s a perfect balance between believable and just comic book enough. But who’s the girl?

  31. josh says:

    Amber Heard.

  32. A.L.M. says:

    Who is the manip under Supergirl.

  33. josh says:


  34. Andrad says:

    Can I see one… Scarecrow (Women)? From the Batman ‘nolanverse’ :3

  35. josh says:

    I actually tried to do that one but there’s a lack of quality images of Scarecrow to manipulate. :(

  36. myth says:

    awsum man

  37. myth says:

    i did it many days ago plz cmnt

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