15 comments on “Illustrations
  1. Mark Strange says:

    You sir are a God! I love these. They’re fantastic works of art!

  2. Alba Ght. says:

    That’s just gorgeous

  3. Dousch says:

    Amazing, real talent.

  4. otakualways says:

    I really like ur concept work its not so much focused on the usual sensuality people do to women comic characters its more practical with your own kind of style added in. I really like ur concept of Harley Quinn she’s my favorite female villian. I’ve noticed that female villians in batman are much more clever than the males

  5. graig weich says:

    Im CEO of BeyondComics.TV (I used to draw for Spawn)and just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I think that you Do great work and could really get your work published and or get a production design job in Hollywood, I rarely have time anymore to give tutorials on the business side of the art world, but there is actually a legal way you can sell your work even using other characters by DC with rules of course and to stop that ebay person who also reposted one of your pieces again, the two face i think, there is a way to protect your work even though they are not your characters, they are your designs, too much to write here, but I would make an acception and offer you an online tutorial to teach you these legal issues and how to get your work seen, you are the only person who did a WW real life costume I think can work in the movie if they make one. Drop me an email if you’re interested and good luck to you.
    Graig Weich

  6. hurley says:

    Can I have a costume made picture of myself as superman? Your works really tickle my fancy…… it is my long dream to do this kind of stuff.

  7. George Patsouras says:

    Simply amazing, some of the best Fan Art I’ve seen in my life.

  8. Brooke S Borden says:

    I love comic books and I am huge fan of your work. You make very appealing and realistic costumes and make it easy to see usually animated character in live action. You keep the look and feel of the characters while taking away anything that could make them seem unrealistic and cheesy. I was hoping you would do more Huntress pieces – I adore you costume design for her. Are you ever planning to do any Nightwing pieces (Nightwing is my favorite comic character ever!)? Do you actually for DC comics? You should, your designs are simply amazing.

  9. joshmc says:

    No I’ve never done work for DC or any other comic company. Thanks.

  10. Lorna H says:

    hiya :D
    just wanted to say, good job…hell of a job actually.
    could i et a print of the harley quinn?

  11. Lorna H says:

    oh, just read the faq… sorry :) thats a shame!

  12. Brooke S Borden says:

    I love your comic character work. Would you consider making a realistic Captain America piece, using Chris Evans? And/or and Avengers piece?

  13. josh says:

    Search for Captain America in the search box.

  14. Tonya Horton says:

    I think your work is superb. I am a partner of a publishing and production company and would like to speak to you about your work. Please contact me. I would like to discuss what I believe to be a wonderful opportunity.

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