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  1. Ellington says:

    I ‘m happy to see you up and running with this site!
    Its great and its fabu to see your great work all in one place!
    I will mos def be telling my friends about your new site!
    Good luck and I hope this brings you more positive attention and success!

    Best Wishes,
    Ellington : )

  2. John says:

    I personally have just found your site by just stumbling upon it and I find it quite amazing. Kudos on your talent my dear sir and I hope you continue to inspire the hopes of all us comic fans who look forward to the days that we get to see these charicters brought to life. Keep up the eligent work.

  3. Matt says:

    LOVE your work so far. I think you should tackle the rest of the JLA and maybe a few of the bigwigs from Marvel as well in the near future. Keep it up!

  4. Mike Vargas says:

    I promise to give my comments to all of these soon.

  5. Bapman says:

    I gotta say… your version of the Superman suit.
    EXACTLY, what I had in my mind… EXACTLY.
    Man, you should be hired to design the suits for the movies instead of the people there.
    That suit is just PERFECT.
    Gives you feel of superman… but more modern and updated… and feels epic.
    Jus too cool.

    P.S.- Could you do a wonder woman suit that’s completely covering her body?… you know a full body uniform like Superman / Batman.
    Just a thought.

  6. Wil says:

    I’d love to see your take on Wonder Girl and Donna Troy.

  7. Tom says:

    I have no problem with the whole ladies designs. But the Brandon Routh Superman is not expectable at all, please pardon me to say so. I prefer either Tom Welling or Christoper Reeve. Thank you,

  8. Wil says:

    LOL too bad for Tom that Brandon Routh IS the new Superman :P. I had 3 suggestions though for any future Kara ( Supergirl ) U might have in mind. 1, choose a younger looking model. The face you selected looks a bit too old for a character that is still supposed to be in her teens. 2, make the skirt blue. Lastly 3, make the yellow band at the end of her sleeves thicker.

  9. michael says:

    who’s super girl

  10. Cait633 says:

    I’d Love to see more Supergirl pictures; and I agree with Will, you need to make her younger. Kara is only, what, 15 maybe 16.

    I looked up Artemis in one of my comics and your costume looks a lot better than what they came up with, so good job with that!

    Your take on a Dona Troy would be interesting to see.
    By the way, if you ever plan to do a picture of anyone from the Teen Titans I found a good website for ideas:


    Whether you need Robin (or Nightwing), Wondergirl, Ravager, Red Arrow, or the Kid Fash ect… They have it.

  11. QWoods says:

    I love your work I can’t even really pick a favorite because it is all just fantastic. I love that you have all that Wonder Woman concept art and hopefully Kristen Bell has people looking at all of your site so that the people doing Wonder Woman can come to you for help.

    I know you seem to only be doing DC characters but with the Thor and Captain America movies coming out in the next few years is there any chance you could do a manip of what you think the two characters would look like in their movies?

    If not the two of these would you atleast do a manip of Black Cat and Elektra using Scarlett Johansson and Rhona Mitra PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Michael Schatz says:

    Who are the actresses you use for Hawkgirl, Batwoman and Catwoman?

  13. joshmc says:

    Rose McGowan, Anne Hathaway and Kerri Russell

  14. Ryan Bielik says:

    I would love to see you clay-face concept design. Any chance of seeing that?

  15. Krystyn Dubois says:

    Ever think of doin some Marvel characters?And not just some of the main characters id LOVE to see you do a robot like Jocasta of the Avengers!

  16. Constantine Cabarios says:

    WOW! Great work! I love how you’ve redesigned and conceptualized the costumes as wearable gear. Especially like Hawk Girl and WW (but her sandals won’t work in battle).

    Hopefully you can submit them when the real life movies are in production.


  17. tvcrazyman says:


  18. Shire says:

    Mm. People are quick to tell you that your Supergirl is too old. They must forget that while Kara started out 14-16 she did grow up, finished college and embarked on a few careers… before dying to save her cousin.

    I happen to like a mature Supergirl. If they ever decide to do a Crisis rehash, maybe this is what she’d look like. : )

    Then again… there’s always the option of it being Matrix or some other incarnation. ; )

    I can’t tell you how much I adore your Catwoman, either.

    She’s an absolute perfect blend/tribute to various phases of her character. I liked Hollywood’s fantastical interpretations in past films (even the Patience character), but if we were to have a truly dark and dirty modern film with or about the real Selina Kyle, this is definitely a good concept for what her gear and costume ought to be like. Slick and sexy yet sensible.

    And then all realism is stripped away at the presentation of your classically fantastical Lady Bat. And for this, I’ve no complaints.

    The caped lovely is every bit as menacing as her male counterpart, if not more since losing the redhot stilettos (yes, I’m picturing Kate Kane here. Sorry, if Barbara Gordon was your intended, for it was not to be.) Her femininity is unquestionably supported by this costume, but her physical strengths is equally showcased, make no mistake. VERY nice. ; )

    And, lastly, your Superman. Good heaven, Your Superman.

    To incorporate the Superundies in a way that is not only logical but looks FANTASTIC… what god are ye?

    Your costume for him gives Superman the alien-ness he’s always needed but rarely had except when stuffed into badly designed ‘Kryptionian garb’ (unassisted flying man in a skintight catsuit wearing his underwear outside not counting). I love the fluid lines and colors.

    If you’ve any interest in Marvel beyond Thor, I’d love to see your take on characters like The Fantastic Four, She-Hulk, Black Cat, Cloak and Dagger and the Phoenix.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been trying to to do harley quinn pics but i just can’t find the right clothing and poses i want, can u help me?

  20. joshmc says:

    Not much else I can say other than keep looking until you find clothing styles and poses you like.

  21. Alyssa says:

    Omg, Josh! These are so awesome! I have one teensy request for you:
    Please, please do a morph of a blonde Christina Hendricks as Power Girl! She would be so amazing! Please?

  22. joshmc says:

    I don’t do requests but the suggestion is noted.

  23. Hurley Millendez says:

    Hello…… your works are wonderful and fantastic….. how did you do that? This is had been my outmost dream, to do this kind of stuff…….. image enhancements…… what do you specifically call thsi work of art? Well I am very interested to know more how this is done? Thank you.

  24. joshmc says:

    It’s called photo manipulation, it’s done in photo editing software like Photoshop. It takes some time to get good at photo manipulation, and an art coarse or two doesn’t hurt either.

  25. WEDMER says:

    Great work here.
    I love the Catwoman and the Huntress as well as the others.
    But, You need to spam DC with the Wonder Woman design.

    I am going to post that on my facebook page along with a link to here. I hope that is ok.

  26. Fabio says:


  27. carmy says:

    love this whole the concepts and the respect for the characters and women.

  28. garrett says:

    no offense but catwoman’s head looks kinda weird but all other heroines al hot

  29. MS V says:


  30. Robbert says:

    Could you make a cool joker of heath ledgers or joseph gordon levitt as the joker or the riddler nolans style

  31. Indonesian WAGs says:

    damn you’re GOOD!

  32. stepforex says:

    i’m browsing your site, and i think you have cool inside. specially this page. Keep it up!

  33. Den says:

    The catwoman one sucks, just looks so wrong for catwomen the same as the Bat woman one, the rest are awesome though, well ditch the gold on supermans undies and everything is perfect ^^

  34. Edward DeBrae says:

    Um……………..can you do the Flash please?

  35. BAtman16 says:

    r these becomin movies

  36. Anonymous says:

    can you make a teen titans thing.

  37. josh says:

    I never say never but doing multiple characters takes a lot of work.

  38. Miamor says:

    I have a costume idea and i wanted somebody to sketch it out.. It is a sexy female version of the joker from dark knight… I have what she is wearing I just need somebody that can draw really good and u can.. If you could help me out with getting my idea on paper i would really appreciate it..

  39. Anonymous says:

    I just like the 1st two only

  40. Oscar Moore says:

    Let me know when you do some on the Greek gods

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