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Future of the site and other projects

Hi all, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, things have gotten super busy in the last few months with work and side projects which have left me little time to be creating anything for this site. Firstly

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A note on the future

Hi all, sorry for there being a lack of content over the last few months.  Things have been quiet here lately on Fan Art Exhibit for several reasons, the main reason being that I’m struggling to find time to fit

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Happy 2011!

Brand new year!!! Not sure what’s gonna be install for 2011, I’m thinking illustration is gonna be dominating most of my time, I had a look back over the work I did last year and there’s was a severe lack

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Another ebay issue. God damn it.

I’ve signed up myself this time and sent an angry message to the seller and flagged the item. I hate doing this to people but if anyone’s got an ebay account could you lend a hand and help get rid

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Another person selling my manips on Ebay

Again need anyone with an ebay account to act to remove this. Thanks to Simon Bergeron for the heads up. Ebay Item Listen up, I’m sick to death of having to do this. All you tools out there trying to

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Things are a bit lack luster at the moment

Nothing’s working!!! AAARGGH! The main problem with photo manipulation, especially in trying to get the level of detail I want, is getting the right photographic elements. Seriously, I’ve abandoned about 6 or 7 projects in the last couple of weeks

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Now on Twitter

Yes, I caved into peer pressure, so sue me! For those interested.

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Skillshare Classes
I have a few drawing and illustration classes available to view on Skillshare for people who are beginners. These classes are for people just starting out in art and can apply to the photo manip work I do. Click on any of the links to get 2 Free months of Skillshare subscription and start your art journey today!

• Construction and Gesture Drawing
• Body Construction
• Head Drawing Part 1
• How To Draw Hands
• How To Draw Hair