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Fan Art Exhibit Celebrates 1st Birthday!

Well what a year it’s been! Really this site all started after Slashfilm wrote an article of my photo manips that I was posting at Deviant Art. As cool as it was to get like 100,000 hits in a couple

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New Desktops

Brand new Desktops folks, right after this.

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Catwoman Still

Man, it’s been a busy month, I’ve had very little time to do any personal artwork but none the less I’ve still managed to squeeze in a new Catwoman piece before the month’s end. Similar style to my previous design,

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New Wonder Woman Still

Thought I should do an updated WW still, nothing major here, just a few design tweaks here and there, and a bit of a colour boost. New Wonder Woman Promo piece here.

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Workshop 4 – Do It Yourself Two Face

Sadly we got very little in the form of promotional imagery of Two-Face from The Dark Knight but that hasn’t stopped many a photo manipulator from doing there darnedest in trying to create there own imagery. Here I’ll explain the

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Green Lantern Still

Well we’ve got our Green Lantern finally cast, perhaps a taste of things to come? I guess we’ll find out how close I get in about 2 years time.

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New Desktops

New desktops on the link.

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