Legend of Korra Movie Concept

So, I’ve decided to try and get back into fan art on a regular bases.  However given the amount of Superheroes and Comic Book characters that now have their own films I’ve decided to try and branch out a bit more from my stuff and try some different properties.  One such property is Legend of Korra which I’ve started getting into, so I whipped up a movie costume concept for the character.  The model is cosplayer Gibi who’s youtube videos and cosplay first got me attracted to the series.  About 14-15 hours of work in total.


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2 comments on “Legend of Korra Movie Concept
  1. Brian says:

    Your work is always awesome and I’m a fan of it and this piece is no different. However I have to say that if you were trying to go for authentic Korra that you should have chosen a different model because the Avatar world is conceptually influenced by many real-world cultures of the Pacific Rim, particularly China. Other influences come from South Asian and Indigenous cultures. Korra is part of the Water Tribe so the culture of the Water Tribes, as well as their location in the polar regions of the world, is primarily based on the real-life Inuit and Sireniki cultures. However, their society also includes references to many other indigenous cultures, including Aboriginal Australians, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders.

    While your work is always really good, your choice of model just seems like white washing to me, like what they did for the attempted and failed live action version of The Last Airbender.

  2. josh says:

    The model was a youtuber who’s cosplayed as Korra in some of her videos, so it’s simultaneously fan art of Korra and the youtuber. Click the link in the description to see her cosplay picks.

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