Departure Sci-Fi Web Series Poster

So I was tossing up whether to post this or not given it doesn’t exactly fall into the typical movie/superhero category that I post on this site, but this is fan art of sorts but one that was done in collaboration with the creator of the original story.  The poster is for an immersive, first person perspective sci-fi series called ‘Departure’ which has been created by YouTube content creator Ally for her channel ASMRrequests.  Ally and I worked on this a couple months back and it was a lot of fun as it gave me the chance to do something a bit more original.  It’s a Drew Struzan inspired style and took around 18 hours to complete.

Ally is helping pioneer what I believe to be a new form of storytelling, one that has real potential in my eyes that uses both 3D sound and (hopefully soon) Virtual Reality – immersive entertainment. She also owns and operates the newly launched Pixelwhipt, a site dedicated to the creation and promotion of immersive entertainment.  To see some of her work here are the first two episodes of her ‘Departure’ first person sci-fi series.


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One comment on “Departure Sci-Fi Web Series Poster
  1. Hepburn3 says:

    Nice collaboration Josh! And nifty work as usual. :)

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