Classic Superheroes – Audrey Hepburn as Supergirl

So I got a slightly unusual  job request a few days back asking for a manip of a young Audrey Hepburn as Supergirl.  An intriguing request to say the least.  First thing I had to do was find a suitable image, unfortunately all the suitable images of young Audrey were in black and white so I had to colour her which is actually trickier than you think it would be. I then stuck her head on the body base and manipulated it to match Audrey’s slender frame as best I could. Lastly I manipulated the clothing which is a mix of the Man of Steel costume design and the pre-New 52 costume design. Overall she took about 8 hours to do.


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4 comments on “Classic Superheroes – Audrey Hepburn as Supergirl
  1. Hepburn3 says:

    Wow Josh! This is rather nifty! Your skills improve all the time. : ) Nice work as always!
    Audrey Hepburn is one of my sheroes, and seeing her as Supergirl is interesting. I like it. I also love Adam Hughes’ Catwoman, for he also used Audrey Hepburn’s likeness to create his Selina Kyle. : )

  2. mobeie says:

    This is a great job!

  3. Robathon says:

    I really, really like the costume! Makes me wish someone would make a model out of it to import into Poser, and other such programs.

  4. Breakfast at Supergirl’s… done right :D

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