Fan Art Exhibit open for business!

That’s right folks, you can now get your very own photo manipulation!  Recently I got a couple of paying jobs out of photo manipulating people into their favourite superheroes, my most notable example is Alexis from IGN asking for herself to be made up as the ‘Girl of Steel’, which made me realize I might be able to actually offer my manipulating services to people on a professional level.  I seriously never considered trying to make a living out of what I do here because frankly I didn’t think what I do was of any real use to anybody until I discovered people like to see themselves as their favourite heroes, so I kinda discovered a market that I never knew existed.  So do you want to see yourself as your favourite character customized in a costume to your liking? Want to give that friend or family member a unique gift they’ll remember? Perhaps a custom movie poster of your favourite film? Is there a concept for a film or TV show you’d like to see done in a photo realistic way to help get across that idea you’re pitching? Hit me up on the email below and I’ll see what we can do!

Sample manipulation work:

Illustration work is also available, I specialize in portrait painting.

So if you think I can be of service to you feel free to drop me a line and we’ll talk!


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Ever wanted to see yourself as your favourite pop culture character? Want to turn a friend into a superhero for a really unique birthday gift? Maybe you just want some non comic or movie related artwork done. Illustrations, Manipulations, Logo Designs, Typography - if you think I can be of service to you please feel free to hit me up on the email below.

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