Well this is kinda awesome – Alison Brie with my Miss America manip

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 7.59.04 AM

In what has to be one of the biggest holy shit moments of my life here is Alison Brie with my manip of her as Miss America via MTV .  Forgive me for not embedding this video directly, MTV makes it very hard to embed their stuff on wordpress.  I’ll see if I can download it and post on here later on.  The direct link to the video is below.


Update:  I’ve uploaded the video for all to see because apparently some people on the planet couldn’t view it before.  Damn you Viacom.  Forgive the quality, the only way to get the video was doing a screen record.

Glad you like it Miss Brie.  I must say it prints out pretty well. Haven’t had the chance to do that myself. 🙂

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9 comments on “Well this is kinda awesome – Alison Brie with my Miss America manip
  1. Hepburn3 says:

    I am glad that Alison Brie liked your work Josh! 🙂
    Sadly I cannot view the MTV video because they have a dealio with showing American MTV videos in Canada.
    But again good one Josh, I am happy that you are getting recognition for your work because you are very talented and skilled! 🙂

  2. josh says:

    I’m gonna try and download it if I can and upload it to my youtube account.

  3. Robathon says:

    That must be one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Your work deserves the recognition too, so that lets me be happy for you. Congrats!

  4. josh says:

    It was certainly a shock waking up to it that’s for sure. I know of at least one actress who’s actually seen a manip I did of her, but to have footage of Alison actually holding the artwork is almost unbelievable. Seeing her get a laugh out of it brings a smile to my face. 🙂

  5. BlackWidower says:

    “I’m gonna have to break Chris Evans kneecaps.”

    HA! I would not be against that.

    That actually sounds mean, it’s not.

  6. Savana J says:

    Sorry for bothering you… I just really wanted to see that…

  7. josh says:

    No bother at all. I never say never so I may one day do a new version, it was just difficult finding enough pieces of one Iron Man costume let alone a spectific Mark number, the one here is a mixture of about 2 or 3 different armours.

  8. I actually commissioned a work from comic artist Ale Garza based on your Alison Brie manip.

  9. josh says:

    Whoa cool! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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