Mortal Kombat movie concept – Sub Zero

Been a while since i posted anything, so I thought given it’s Christmas I’d continue with the Mortal Kombat film concepts and do old fan fave Sub Zero. This went through several variations as I was having trouble figuring out which direction to take the design, ultimately I settled for a slightly more modern look than what we’ve usually seen.

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3 comments on “Mortal Kombat movie concept – Sub Zero
  1. Hepburn says:

    This is really nifty Josh! :)

  2. dark_knight08 says:

    Brilliant work as always Josh.
    Sub-Zero is my favorite Mortal Kombat character.
    I hope to see more of these amazing concepts.

  3. Jesse says:

    I have been waiting for a film like this for years. A movie with deep martial arts. Would you put aside all the relationships and get with the fighting. I want to see fighting style. I want to see insane techneque tornado, axe, and a round house kick. Im talkin back flip but not to much we gotta keep it old school.

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