Wonder Woman Sequel Design

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I figured I may as well do something new. As some know I’ve done Wonder Woman designs in the past, but I’ve never done anything beyond a film one concept. With the recent trend of superhero suits getting upgrades in sequels I figure I might try my hand doing one for a hypothetical Wonder Woman 2. The concept is basically the same as the previous Greco-Roman costume but is given a more sleek design and uses more modern materials, including the popular mesh like texture which seems to be appearing a lot in superhero costumes lately.

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26 comments on “Wonder Woman Sequel Design
  1. Anonymous says:

    Just amazing, Very nice work!!!! 🙂

  2. Norbert says:

    This is fantastic, as usual! A “wonder”ful work! I guess this is Jaimie Alexander’s face, isn’t it? She’s perfect for wonder Woman. Adrianne Palicki wasn’t my first choice anyway.

  3. Simon Bergeron says:

    I definitely enjoy this new costume concept. The whole “mesh” thing on superheroes, though, not as much. True it does makes for a more textured costume, but it’s about to become as popular as spandex for cosplayers just because the producers can afford it. But I digress.

    You did a truly great job on the design and I for one would just love to see Jaimie Alexander in the role on the big screen… not that “Alley McBeal” show they were working on.

  4. Hepburn says:

    Nicely done as always Josh! You just keep on improving! : )

  5. josh says:

    @ Norbert – yes it is Jaimie Alexander.

  6. Bek says:

    I love the design, but i think the mesh makes it look like a sports outfit, personally i don’t like the mesh, but i do love the rest of the outfit

  7. Asagorcus says:

    I just wanted to say I think your artwork is really awesome. Do you have a deviantart page?

  8. josh says:

    Yes I do, the link is on the right side bar.

  9. brian says:

    love your work however i have to ask, while the face is obviously Jaimie Alexander I’m kinda curious as to the body and if that also belongs to Jaimie or if it belongs to another actress. I have experience in photoshop and while i’m no where near your level of experience I think i notice a little bit of skin tone that doesn’t match the rest of the body

  10. brian says:

    however once again excellent work

  11. josh says:

    No it’s not her body. It’s a fitness model.

  12. Christopher DC says:

    Once again, four-star work! I have to admit I’ll miss the “Wonder Woman Year One” uniform, but I can see why you’d want to try something different with the concept. I have to confess that I’m in the minority of fans who endorsed Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman, and I would’ve been curious to see how you would have treated her in your manips…but on the other hand, you could do a lot worse than Jaimie Alexander, and I hope you have the time (and the inclination) to do another manip or two of her as Wonder Woman in the future. Best of luck to you!

  13. Renato says:

    great work as always!

  14. thebutcher says:

    I posted this in the Rapunzel comments but it was meant to be here…sorry:

    Awesome work! This shows that Wonder Woman’s supposedly “unfilmable” comic costume could actually work in live action if they went with something like this.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It’s so amazing!!! Cool costume and cool actress!

  16. Aromi says:

    Wow. I think this is my favorite out of your WW costumes. I love how you’ve preserved some of the Grecian elements of your previous costumes, but this looks more modern. The material looks like it allows for good mobility (even though it may lack the protection of armor, she’s freakin’ WW so she doesn’t need it!) The skirt doesn’t look skimpy at all. The slits show some kind of shorts underneath. (Maybe it’s not that, but it looks like short-shorts to me, which is infinitely better than the underwear/bikini-types, in my opinion. I personally don’t like the new long-pants of her costume, so this is a fantastic compromise.) My only qualm would be the straps: they look like bra straps so they don’t look like they’re strong enough to hold her costume in place. Other than that, her entire costume looks fresh, awesome, yet serious. This WW looks like she can kick ass and take names. Thank you for this beautiful creation and if I had the skills, time, and money I would try to make this myself. 🙂

  17. l.a.amaro says:

    YOOOOOOO! This shit is hot as hell! Now this should be the look for Wonder Woman on screen. Your skills has gotten better dude. I fuckin’ love this one, Keep it coming. “WE WANT MORE!” “WE WANT MORE!” “WE WANT MORE!”

  18. Anonymous says:

    Your first more Greek-styled Wonder Woman was better and more convincing!

  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s wonderfull

  20. Anonymous says:

    I like it.

  21. Me and my family were watching KYLE XY, and my uncle said ‘Hey, You know, Jessie would be and AWESOME wonder woman.’ He looked it up and like EVERYONE had already thought of it:P AMAZING PHOTOSHOP WORK. Almost thought it was real for a sec!!!!<3

  22. Brian Rommel says:

    love to see the source images on this. Kinda wish this was real cosplay It looks much better than the Live action WW pilot that was shot.

  23. DDM says:

    Very cool! The producers of the new CW WW television show should hire Josh post haste. As well as those working on the Justice League film and solo WW movie!

  24. dork says:

    This just blew up on reddit. Congrats! Took forever to find you (in internet minutes).

  25. Breasts don’t work like that…

  26. Wayne Moises says:

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