Disney Fighter – Belle

More fun. 🙂

Warrior number 5 in my Disney Fighter series is the hot book worm Belle who I’ve turned into a Muay Thai kick-boxer. Her new back story is Belle turned to self defense after being kidnapped and held hostage when she was younger, she’s now a world champion kick-boxer. I actually used a shot of Gina Carano as reference for this which had the right kind of energy I was looking for in a pose. Done in Painter over about 7 hours.

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12 comments on “Disney Fighter – Belle
  1. A. says:

    Would LOVE to see you do Sleeping Beauty in this series. She was always my favorite princess.

  2. Hepburn says:

    Nicely done as always! Who is next on your list? 🙂

  3. josh says:

    @A. Aurora will be done.

    @Hepburn, not sure yet.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I never thought I’d be saying this but I love this new line of warriror princesses of yours and the backgrounds. that’s one animated movie I’d pay to see..lol

    But what about Pocahontas?! Coming from native American tribes she already has warrior blood in her… and I expected to see her in the kick boxing attire…
    Loved the Gina Carano pose though.. Carano is a favoritte of mine.

    Keep up the good work, buddy. I’ve been a fan of yours since the beginning. And i’m looking forward to see a new line of comic Batman artwork as great as the l;ve action ones you’ve made.

  5. Simon Bergeron says:

    Wow… Belle is by far my favourite. The pose, her poweful eyes, the reworked fighting outfit, it all blends so well with spectacular colors.

    I’d pay good money for such a game… or to buy large prints of these sexy yet fierce warriors.

  6. qwerty says:

    wow this is genius would be great if you did a few fight scenes with her 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    You do amazing work.

    Found your site through the link on Deviantart to your Hippolyta work.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey I like that you are not only an excellent Artist but that you are also very creative. I would like to see more of your wonderful creatistic Artwork if possible and I would really appreciate if you would honestly give me positive critizism so I can learn from you. Well make a long story short I am not to experienced in the whole web thing. Thank you very much and if I don’t hear from you in the future, I just want to finish by wishing you the best because you are CREATIVELY ORIGINAL!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Definitley my fav…except for the extra toe.

  10. josh says:

    It’s not an extra toe, her toes are just curled up.

  11. Andrew D says:

    Belle’s one of my favorite Disney characters and this piece you did doesn’t disappoint. Fantastic work, really, if this was a game I’d buy it in a heart beat. I’d love to see her matched against Snow white or Brier Rose.

  12. josh says:

    Glad you like it!

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