Happy 2011!

Brand new year!!! Not sure what’s gonna be install for 2011, I’m thinking illustration is gonna be dominating most of my time, I had a look back over the work I did last year and there’s was a severe lack of illustration done, which really isn’t a good thing to be lacking (especially if I’m trying to build up the ol’ portfolio). So for the foreseeable future photo manipulation is probably gonna take the passenger seat, even though I know people love seeing the manips. Not to say there won’t be some manipulation, it just won’t be the main focus of my creativity. What to expect? Dunno, I think I’m gonna moving away from superheroes and start tackling other areas, I’m really getting into 2D animation at the moment so there will be some focus there, but I’m also gonna start doing some original stuff that will appear on my Deviant art page, got a couple of stories in mind that I think I should design for all to see. Other than that I’m just gonna wing it! Have fun!!

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Skillshare Classes
I have a few drawing and illustration classes available to view on Skillshare for people who are beginners. These classes are for people just starting out in art and can apply to the photo manip work I do. Click on any of the links to get 2 Free months of Skillshare subscription and start your art journey today!

• Construction and Gesture Drawing
• Body Construction
• Head Drawing Part 1
• How To Draw Hands
• How To Draw Hair
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