The Dark Knight Rises…..from the grave!

I’m convinced the next Batman movie will be a Zombie flick. The fact that the title features the word ‘Rises’ and that the news came a few days before Halloween is no coincidence to me! Bwhahahahahah!

All kidding aside, I’d love to see a Nolan horror flick. :)

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7 comments on “The Dark Knight Rises…..from the grave!
  1. dark_knight08 says:

    Happy Halloween jmc,
    Awesome zombie picture.
    Also, that logo will be awesome if Black Mask was the villian in the The Dark Knight Rises.

  2. coconutmonkey says:

    Any chance there will be a wallpaper of this?

  3. Android says:

    Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh!

    Heromorph needs to see that! Post it!

  4. The Dark Knight Rises Fan says:

    LOL…I hope Nolan does not make a zombie version ;)

  5. Rizal Abdillah Harahap says:

    cool pics,,I’m a fan of batman,and you make one side of the dark knight that no one else could see oftenly,,which is the dead side of the dark knight..hahahah..great work!!

  6. Meh says:

    LMFAO I just did not see that coming.

    Alfred: Oh look my Italian shoes are full of dirt.
    Alfred: “Whacks zombie batman with a shovel”
    Robin: Gee you think you think he’s dead?
    Joker: Surprise fuckers “sticks a pencil up his nose”

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