Wonder Woman Promo

Argh!! Finally found time to finish this. August is usually a bit of a quiet month but this year was insane, had no time whatsoever for personal projects. As a result this piece took far longer to complete than usual, I think I started it in June.

What’s that you say? New model for WW! That’s right, I’ve been championing Jaimie Alexander for WW well before she was cast in Thor (can’t wait for that movie BTW) but could never find decent quality images, until now! (Sorry Cobie). Combined her with this perfect stock image I found for a WW pose. I actually started this before all the hoopla with the new WW costume in the comics, some aspects of which I liked so much I ‘borrowed’ them (hope you don’t mind Jim Lee, loved the belt to much not to use it). I’ll add some more video of the creation of this in the coming days, may take me a while to edit it down. 🙂

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22 comments on “Wonder Woman Promo
  1. Simon Bergeron says:

    Wow… definitely worth the wait.

    I would love to have the same (or close enough) software so I can finalyl outgrow Photoshop.

    But I digress. Very warm colors, great pose, all in all a very fine looking WW rendition.

  2. Vaughn M says:

    This is amazing work jmc… You have actually outdone yourself!!!

  3. batboy99 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! And im digging the belt. Only thing is her eyes look a little off to me for some reason.

  4. Jason says:

    I really like it!

  5. Jason says:

    Very nice of you to give me feedback on my movie idea (at CBR). 🙂 I hope to take the time to do some re-writes.

    Another weakness in the treatment I find is that Diana doesn’t become Wonder Woman early enough. We really only see WW in action in the final sequence. I don’t think the audience would like that.

    Anyway, I love the blog and your design work. 🙂

  6. Karl Bainbridge says:

    Love your work Josh, been following what you have done for a while but this is the first time I’ve commented on it, love the image although I have to admit to preferring Cobie for Wonder Woman.

    I was wondering whether or not you could look at having a go at some of Wondie’s villains. A lot of them (namely Cheetah, Giganta and Silver Swan) are quite OTT and I’m wondering what you would do to ‘Nolanise’ them as it were.

  7. joshmc says:

    I don’t tend to refer to my WW stuff as being ‘Nolanised’, more grounded than anything else. As for villains I’ve had some in mind, mostly Cheetah and Circe which I plan to get to at some stage.

  8. Ellington says:

    Lovely and great work as usual Joshmc!
    But this new model that you have used who it playing Sith in the Thor film has said pretty lame and jank things about WW as a character.
    So if I were you I would go back to Colbie!

  9. Ellington says:

    Oh I hope that you had a lovely holiday time and that 2011 is a fantastic one for you!

    p.s. could you please (pretty please) do an image of General and Captain of the Guard Phillipus? 🙂

  10. joshmc says:

    I bet she’d change her tune if given the role. 🙂

  11. Dave says:

    PLEASE go back to using Cobie! She looks so much better. But I LOVE all your designs!

  12. joshmc says:

    I’ve always wanted to use Jaimie but up until recently I could never find decent quality images of her. I’ve moved on from Cobie sorry.

  13. David Stewart says:

    Hi Josh
    I was playing with today’s WW image to see different variations; mostly as an exercise to see what I thought of the new TV costume.
    So they are just quick manips to play with it, but thought I’d let you know I used some of your skirt details to see how that would look with today’s release. And I thought it looked not too bad
    They are on my facebook page here:

    Hope you don’t mind the use.


  14. Staycie says:

    this is the best costume. it really plays to the greek roots of the wonder woman character. she is the amazon champion.

  15. H00K3R says:

    I like this suit the best of all the ones you have made, but I was wondering if you would try using Erin Cummings as WW. here is a link to a pic of her from Spartacus Blood and Sand.


  16. H00K3R says:

    this link has a bigger version


  17. joshmc says:

    Hi, I’ve got no plans for any WW images for the foreseeable future unfortunately.

  18. Fred10 says:

    Gosh! I just love this. I’ve seen other images you’ve done on the web, but they seemed unfinished somehow. This one really snaps everything into focus. I’ve always thought the pleated greco-roman skirt was the way to go with WW. I would love to see that outfit on another actress. Someone with darker, medeterranian skin, and a more “roman-esque” nose. I can’t think of any off-hand… but I LOVE the outfit! Wish folks at NBC had the same vision!

  19. Kate P. says:

    Ah so sad – your stuff is SOOOOOOO much better than the costumes for the new TV series, wish they had seen your stuff and gone with that instead!
    PS if you can’t tell I think your art works are amazing – LOVE IT!

  20. Ronald says:

    Well, that’s great but sincerely, Cobie Smulders was in my opinion a much better model.
    Jaimie Alexander is beautiful but she doesn’t have those shining eyes that make Diana look like a goddess in flesh.
    Could we get a Cobie version just to compare, please?

  21. josh says:

    You’re more than welcome to do it yourself, I really don’t feel like doing another version.

  22. Don’t like her face in this :C sorry bit she is way more beautiful ;C but YES she is perfect for this role 😀 !

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