Wonder Woman In Action Still

I apologize for the watermarks but recent events have forced my hand into this situation. I know most folks are honest people but unfortunately a small minority have decided to be a bunch of arseholes by using my artwork without permission and selling them on sites like eBay. Anyway, I’ve done an updated Wonder Woman image to go with my recent manipulation of her supporting cast. Some slight changes to my last design (I apologize to the folks at Fall of Gotham who are making a suit based off my last one), I’ve stripped back things a little, especially in the torso, that’s where I got the most complaints from so hopefully this please people more. About 12 hours work, I’ve got another WW manip coming in the next week or so, this ones an absolute screamer, you’ll see why when it’s done. 😉

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15 comments on “Wonder Woman In Action Still
  1. brandon says:

    I don’t know.. something is kind of a bit off on that headband/tiara thing she’s wearing. It’s still great though.

    Who’s the actress again ?

  2. joshmc says:

    Cobie Smulders. She’s kinda my default casting choice.

  3. aegisbearer says:

    Wow, josh. This is really wonderful! I love how, when the pteryges strips come away, the blue and starry piece remaining looks like her regular shorts. It’s a shame you have to watermark your pieces, but it’s a necessity nowadays to avoid theft. :/

  4. Vaughn M says:

    Simply stunning!! This looks amazing! Would you ever make a non-battle damaged version that would compliment your more recent stills? And it is truly sad that you had to place watermarks however it is totally understandable…continue your great work!

  5. joshmc says:

    Keep watching. 😉

  6. Christopher C says:

    This is a wonderful piece of art (if you’ll pardon the obvious expression!), as are all your Wonder Woman photos. I’m sorry you had to start adding the watermarks, but if it gives you the protection you need from being unfairly pirated then fans like me can learn to live with it. I confess I’m not familiar with Cobie Smulders–my Wonder Woman of choice has always been Mary Elizabeth Winstead–but you do a terrific job with Smulders’ likeness and she certainly seems like a worthy candidate for the Amazon Princess. I’m glad you remembered to include the Magic Lasso this time; I see you left it out in a few of your previous manips! Like Vaughn M, I hope if you do any more Wonder Woman photos, you’ll include one or two that don’t feature “battle damage.” Seeing a bruised and battered (yet triumphant) Wonder Woman is striking, but seeing her standing tall and proud in a costume free of tatters can also make for a good manip. Thanks again for your efforts, and keep up the good work!

  7. Michael says:

    You use Cobie as Wonder Woman are you a fan of How I Met Your Mother

  8. joshmc says:

    I’ve kinda used her for years simply because she was apparently Joss Whedon’s choice when he was on WW, I would have changed actresses by now but the actress I have my eye on I can’t find good enough photos of. I am a fan of How I Met Your Mother, I enjoy the cast most of all, they’re a good bunch of actors, although I think the earlier seasons are much better in terms of comedy.

  9. Amy Lynn says:

    I love your take on WW’s classic costume. I think your design is better than anything Hollywood could and will come up with some day, and I especially love the detail in the tiara and belt.

    That being said, I don’t like DC’s new WW costume design but I would love to see your version of it in “real life.”

  10. joshmc says:

    You may get your wish sooner than you think. There’s a WW fan film being made with this costume.

  11. Android says:

    Mr. J,

    I’m wondering about comic facts here and I would like to ask you something…

    Is your Wonder Woman vulnerable as ourselves, mere mortals?

    I don’t remember if you work with Lynda Carter in mind or George Perez revision.

    I don’t need to comment the image since it becomes an instant classic as soon as you post it!

  12. joshmc says:

    Is my WW vulnerable? Yes, but her body can sustain more assault than us, more impacts and what not, she’s can get injured but can also heal a lot quicker, kinda like Wolverine in that aspect. Theoretically she can be killed but it’s her athleticism and skill as a fighter that prevents it.

  13. batboy99 says:

    Who was your original casting idea for Wonder Woman?

  14. joshmc says:

    I’ve been wanting to move to Jaimie Alexander but there isn’t enough good quality photos of her, she’s clearly not famous enough yet.

  15. john rhodes says:

    There’s a WW fan film being made with this costume.Thats cool I love the look its today but yesterday to.What Im saying is it has that Lynda Carter feel but its today.Hollywood just dosent get it.Thanks for the hard work

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