Another ebay issue. God damn it.

I’ve signed up myself this time and sent an angry message to the seller and flagged the item. I hate doing this to people but if anyone’s got an ebay account could you lend a hand and help get rid of this thing by flagging it.


Update, 2 more to add to the list. item 2
link 3

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12 comments on “Another ebay issue. God damn it.
  1. ren says:

    hi reported him. goodluck with that!

  2. Dan says:

    Have flagged all 3 items with Ebay. Hope it helps mate.

  3. Ishmayl says:

    That sucks man. I’ve reported all three to ebay as copyright infringement. Maybe you simply should watermark them – I know it sucks, but thieves will be thieves…

  4. Jack Grimm says:

    I flagged them for you. Something you might wanna do and I dont know if it would get you in trouble but is LET DC Comics know…WB loves killing people like this.
    I dont think you will catch any flak for it. I wont report it to them because I love your stuff and will not take the chance of getting you in trouble i was just shooting out an idea.

  5. pailorin says:

    I have done what i can to help out.

    It looks like that seller has a bunch of posters for sale too.

    It all looks fishy so I reported to ebay security via email that the seller looks to be selling more than just three fraudulent posters.

  6. joshmc says:

    Yeah I’m considering trying to get in contact with DC comics, even at the expense of this website and all the art I do. Thanks.

  7. pailorin says:

    I would hate for the site to close. IF it gets you a job with DC and Warner Bros. though…that might be awesome for you. You have the skill. I wish for the best with both you and the site.
    Sorry about the sticky situation.

  8. batboy99 says:

    What would DC Comics do in this situation?

    And dude, you’re such a nice guy and I know you let people print the images for themselves, but I really think you should just watermark them, unfortunatly.

  9. joshmc says:

    Well I’ve been informed by someone who’s dealt with the legal department of DC that they would have bigger fish to fry than to worry about my website, so at least I know they won’t come a knocking asking for this stuff to be removed. 🙂

  10. DiRT says:

    Here’s an idea – Everyone order posters and pay by Paypal. Once they arrive, demand a refund through Paypal for fraudulent merchandise. State that they are copies and not originals. Paypal will ALWAYS take you money back from them. Enough complaints, and Paypal will shut down their account.

  11. joshmc says:

    Already on to this one, thanks anyway.

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