Artemis Still

Man it’s been a while! I figured out the problem for the low turnout of art recently, I needed a holiday, been several years since I had one so I figured it’s a good time for a little relaxation time. So with batteries recharged I decided to get back into things with a manip of Wonder Woman’s ally and fellow Amazon, Artemis.

You may recall I did an Artemis concept a while back that was more influenced by the recent animated movie than the comics, this time I went to a more comic accurate depiction after I saw some really cool fan art of the character. Once again used Missy Peregrym as Artemis, don’t know why but she’s always seemed like a perfect choice for the character to me. About 10 hours work.

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9 comments on “Artemis Still
  1. David Stewart says:

    She is as near to perfect as you could hope. I really like this, especially the idea that the Amazons have a common model for their chest armour. It all makes so much more sense.

  2. joshmc says:

    Ah! Thanks for noticing, I kinda like the idea the eagles symbol is like the national symbol for Amazons, with each persons breastplate being unique to that person.

  3. Vaughn M says:

    Wow Josh…this is simply spectacular!!! Amazing work…whenever this movie gets made they really need to call on you as costume designer… Will you ever make this beautiful costume rendition into a character design full body manip? Please say yes…she looks perfect for the part!!

  4. BrandonLinus says:

    Agreed with David..
    it’s as good as it can be, i really like the belt though. And that on her face, that’s some kind of face paint right ?

  5. joshmc says:

    @Vaughn – I’ve started veering away from doing full body images now, simply because it takes extra time and sometimes I just can’t find the right images. So at this stage I’ll say it’s unlikely, but you never know!

    @Brandon – Yeah it’s face pain, Artemis sometimes wears this green headband thing of a similar shape but I couldn’t make it work properly, so I decided to turn it into something like warpaint.

  6. Vaughn M says:

    Your full body images a simply great! Fingers crossed that you find the right image and have the time to create one for your NEW Artemis!!

  7. Simon Bergeron says:

    Wow… you recharged batteries well I would say… and you didn’t take a single holiday in several years? Let me quote Bill Murray: You’ve earned it.

    This Artemis conceptual artwork is truly solid and the actress you found seems perfect to embody the character: strong eyes, powerful pose, she doesn’t seem like one to play with the wrong way.

    The overall suit is incredible and the various textures go very well together. I especially liked, as David Stewart put it, that the Amazons all have the same chest logo. The colours are a bit vibrant without crying “Batman & Robin” vibrant. The use of less saturated greens also makes for an effective camouflage.

    I also like how the suit/armour Artemis wears also is reminiscent of Wonder Woman’s design.

    One very strong piece and I hope you’re proud of it.

  8. Simon Bergeron says:

    By the way, I think this listing is illegal… it is a manip containing the Joker and Harley Quinn which, if I remember, was YOUR design…×10-movie-photo-Batman-joker-Heath-Ledger-Harley-Quinn-/180515596493?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a079168cd

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s really good. but are you doing Artemis, as in the Greek Goddess? If so, I think she should have something with a moon, since she was also the moon goddess.

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