Captain America Still

I’ve been working on and off with this character for about a year or so but could never get the design right. The recent casting of Chris Evans for the film as well as bits and pieces of plot details surfacing gave me some new motivation to tackle the character again. As the film will be set in the 40’s I did some research to try and get an idea of the kind of materials that might have been used for a superhero costume, nothing to flashy, just very rough materials.

Overall, not sure how I feel about this, the design kinda works but I’m not totally satisfied with the end results. I imagine a modern version being used for an Avengers film so perhaps I’ll tackle that design later on.

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10 comments on “Captain America Still
  1. Matt says:

    Hmmm…the quality is top notch as always. But I can’t say I like that helmet/mask. It just looks odd. Personally, I’d prefer something similar to how it looked in The Ultimates Vol. 2

    Or this manip

    Maybe even something like in the flashback scenes of the Captain America Reborn mini-series.

    The “shirt” part is pretty cool, although the sleeves should be a bit longer.

    But other than those two gripes, a job well-done! And I’d love to see your take on a modern Cap.

  2. Castiel says:

    At first i was like, whaa ?
    but after a couple of looks at the details and the armors, and the wings.. oh, it’s great. And the classic “A” is a really nice touch, nothing too fancy with the fonts, classic.

    I wish you could do more of these.. great stuff.

  3. Castiel says:

    Sorry for double post but,..just one more thing
    the star on the chest is really out of place.

  4. joshmc says:

    ^ I was trying to go for a more of a hand made look to the whole thing, wanted to avoid the clean cut look most modern superhero costumes have.

  5. Castiel says:

    Oh man, i just realized you said you worked a year for this..
    that’s gotta be.. tough.
    Will you take a shot at another cap manip ?

  6. joshmc says:

    It wasn’t actually a year on this particular image, it was more like a year of various rejected concepts.

  7. nimibro says:

    this is so awesome! i tried to do a hugo weaving/red skull one a few days ago, here is it:

    also, can you try to make steve buscemi as the mad hatter? i tried to do one, but i don’t think it was very well:

  8. nimibro says:

    sorry, there was a bug with the red skull pic:

  9. The Man of Steel says:

    Classic. A+ and two thumbs way up.

  10. McGribble says:

    I Like the mask for the most part, the stitching looks really good and I can see it being like that in the movie. But I do think it is far more modern that it would look in a movie taking place in WWII. I could see that mask being used later, after he is thawed. As for a armor I can not help but to think they are more likely to give him a hardened leather shirt. The scale armor those cool in the comics would come across off in live action. And the embroidered star looks a little odd on top of the scale metal. I can see them updating his suit in the avengers movies when he comes to modern day, and have his suit be more like modern body armor in the colors of the flag.

    The quality of the work is AWESOME! I am just not a fan of the design. I would love to see one done like this with Chris Evans face.

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