Catwoman Still 2.0

There are times when you look back over old work and say ‘Man I shoulda done this or that’, usually I let those works be because it acts as a learning curve of what to do or what not to do for future projects. Then there are the times when you look at something old you’ve done and go ‘WTF was I thinking?’, it annoys you to the point where you just have to fix that effing brain explosion of a design. This be one of the latter times. I admit I rushed my previous Catwoman still, more specifically the mask. I had this stupid rule (which I’ve since discarded) of trying to get out two major artworks a month, paying jobs had to take priority which left little time to do anything so I crammed at the last minute and basically threw out what ever was done to ensure I finished before the month ended. But it was crap and I think deep down I knew it. Months later it finally got to me, I had to redo that mask. A couple hours later I’m totally satisfied with the end result…… ahhh, now that’s a load off my mind, I can now rest easy!

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10 comments on “Catwoman Still 2.0
  1. Danyl says:

    Love the realistic approach mate, especially the blue light torches on the wrist. Awesome.

  2. Simon Bergeron says:

    That’s a christopher Nolan Catwoman in my book. Definitely better than your last version. It’s a character you can immediately know you can’t trust, and her gear and costume makes her all the more believable.

    Congratulations on another job well done. I wish I, myself, had that kind of time or motivation to do better artworks.

  3. Moumen says:

    Really really cool work.
    I love how all ur art has a realistic feasible tone. You sure could benifit the Nolan crew on the desins of BATMAN 3.

    A shame such talented people like urslef aren’t as renowned as they should be.

  4. joshmc says:

    I don’t need to be any more renowned, life is good as it is, I’ve got no complaints.

  5. Amy Lynn says:

    You know, there was something that didn’t quite grab me about your original Catwoman manip. The costume was good but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, until today. I LOVE how you changed the eyes on the mask. For some reason, it just makes everything just flow so much more than it did before and it’s just a tiny little element of the bigger picture.

    And of course, there’s probably other changes in there that I just haven’t noticed, but I dig the eyes now. πŸ™‚

  6. Sam says:

    I once again stress that u oughtta make a Batman still presenting ur own take on the character regardless to the fact that there are tons of TDK and BB pics floating on the web. And u dont have to limit urself with Nolan’s concept u can go wild and present an Ultimate Batman that has the best aspects of all the previously presented Batman versions and spice it up with a fanboy touch…

    Just as a personal request, please try to leave out the old silly external underwear out of the equation and try to have the eyes covered with lenses…. IF POSSIBLE.

  7. joshmc says:

    If I’m honest, I prefer Nolan’s style and really have no desire to reinterpret a Batman design that to me looks good.

  8. dark_knight08 says:

    This your art: Is, Has, and Always will be amazing.
    Catwoman looks she can fit into the Nolanverse.
    I can’t wait to see Batman 3.

  9. Axel says:

    I’m making one with Naomi Watts!
    Where did you get the Catwoman mask?

  10. joshmc says:

    @ Axel – Mask is custom made, you won’t find another like it. Good luck with your manip. πŸ™‚

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