Regarding Smallville’s Wonder Lois

Yes, I’ve seen it, it’s too generic for it to be a rip off of my Wonder Woman designs so there’s no need for folks to get bent out of shape. Besides, mine looks better. 😉 Thanks for everyone who sent me the link and voicing their concerns.

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7 comments on “Regarding Smallville’s Wonder Lois
  1. Mod Kevin says:

    Is that posted somewhere over on the SHH! website?

  2. David Stewart says:

    I hope you don’t think I was “bent out of shape” when I sent you the link to the image of Smallville costume. When I saw the promo image I loved it and thought you’d be delighted too as it’s fairly clear they are in agreement with your general thinking on the WW outfit should look.
    So i came here to post a comment about it and it only happened that your most recent post was on the eBay thing – There was no intent on my part to equate the two issues.

  3. Michael says:

    yours is better

  4. joshmc says:

    David, I wasn’t referring specifically to you, I’ve had a ton of people send me links to the photos screaming that they’ve used my design, I’m just responding to the contrary.

  5. Tai says:

    A few days ago, I was looking at the promo stills of Smallville for that upcoming episode and when I saw Lois in the WW costume, I have to admit I was very disappointed. I am a huge fan of Smallville and I think I’ve been one of the few people who didn’t mind that Wonder Woman was never introduced on the show. Now that they are doing this “Lois Lane dresses up as a Wonder Woman look-a-like” thing (or whatever it will be), I’m just bitter that they are doing it. Granted the costume does look like a generic version of your work…Erica Durance does not pull off the costume at all. And I love her. lol. Anyway, I’m glad that you aren’t “going off on the world” that they seem to have copied your style a bit. ^_^

  6. Amy Lynn says:

    I feel like such a dork. I saw an image of Erica in that costume over at a couple of weeks ago. I really thought I’d be the only person to think it looked like your work so I didn’t email you about it.

    Someone did use your Superman to create a Jor-El image. It’s probably about 75% of your original image though.

  7. Gothamazon says:

    Agree, yours is waaayyy BETTER!

    And it’s really similar, if you ask me…

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