Lady Sif Still

Oh the pain, the awful, awful pain this one was. Still not 100% happy with everything in it but I really needed to get this completed before Christmas. Lady Sif looked easy on paper, but turned out to be one of the hardest things I’ve done. What didn’t help was inability to find decent stock images, the inability to find a decent quality image of Jaimie Alexander, and the trouble of coming up with a design for a character who’s had some wildly varying, and extremely appalling costume designs over the years. Here is the end result.

Kinda took bits and pieces from various Sif costumes, but kept the red and white theme which seemed to be the most common elements used. What’s the odds of Sif looking like this in Thor? I reckon I’ve got better chance of winning the lottery than getting this one even remotely close to what will end up on screen, so your guess is as good as mine. It did however give me a chance to use the lovely Jaimie Alexander as a model though, I foresee a big future for that young lady. 🙂

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19 comments on “Lady Sif Still
  1. Rincewind says:

    great photoshot, love it!

  2. shadowmike says:

    you need to show this to Jaimie Alexander on twitter

  3. joshmc says:

    I don’t have a Twitter account, besides Jaimie’s probably got better things to be doing than getting bothered by some fan artist.

  4. shadowmike says:

    that might be true but she been updating people on twitter about Thor. plus maybe she might give you a good word to Marvel Studio 😉

  5. joshmc says:

    If she sees it, she sees it, I’m not gonna pester her though, I wouldn’t want to come across as some weird fanboy.

  6. shadowmike says:

    did not mean it as a fanboy way but i know what you mean but well done on this design you are amazing wish i could do what you do my photoshop skills are kind of weak

  7. michael says:

    are you focusing mostly on thor?

  8. joshmc says:

    Not necessarily, just felt like trying a couple of Thor characters.

  9. michael says:

    well there good

  10. Christina says:

    yay i am so excited i love jamie alexander and it has been killing me wondering about her costume as sif. I have never been a big Thor fan but i’ve been reading up for the movie. Love your design/picture but i don’t want to sound rude or anything but is the head a little off?

  11. joshmc says:

    It’s just an artists impression, she’ll most likely look completely different on film. You’re right about the head, if it looks off it’s because it is. I could only find one decent head shot of Jaimie so it kind of limited what I could and couldn’t do to it.

  12. Matt says:

    I’d love to see what you could do with Captain America or a Spider-Man redesign since they’re rebooting the franchise.

  13. joshmc says:

    I never even thought of Spider-Man. Since they are doing a reboot I may add that to my list. Cap America’s on the cards too, trying to work out a design for that one. Thanks 😉

  14. thor fan says:

    I hope the real Sif costume is as ancient/sexy as that.

  15. Clay says:

    Jaimie Alexander has seen it, how do I know, I twittered it to her. She said this on March 24

    @Claybo4131 ew no. not a chance 😉 Sif’s costume is waaaaay cooler than that 😉 xo
    4:48 PM Mar 24th via web in reply to Claybo4131

    sounds like you were way off the mark man

  16. joshmc says:

    Awesome, thanks for letting me know. Not surprised it’s nothing like that, it was pure guess work really so I fully expected I’d be way off the mark here, although the ‘ew’ comment is a little hurtful, 13 hours worth of work and all I get is ‘ew’! (not a big deal really ;))

  17. biz898 says:

    Looks okay. At least she’s not showing skin. I prefer the generic look. Especially with something like this.

    Can’t imagine how botched Conan would look next year too.

  18. Aaron says:

    Love it!! Any chance of a Loki? I’d love to see what you would have designed him like, as your renditions are infinitely better than the movie ones!

  19. joshmc says:

    Don’t know about that. Kinda seems pointless doing designs for Thor now that we’ve seen most of the movie images.

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