Supergirl Still

I watched the Supergirl movie for the first time in years recently and, as bad as it is, there’s something sweet and charming about Helen Slater in that role. Anyway, upon sitting through it I decided it was time to do an updated Supergirl manip. Bit of a viewers choice in this piece of casting, I couldn’t figure out who could be a potential Supergirl for a modern film so I asked around the net, the winner by popular vote was Amber Heard, which on reflection should have been one of the first names I thought of (dah!).

Based the outfit off my Superman re-design, although made it slightly different to represent her side of the family. This was originally gonna have Brandon Routh’s Superman as well in the manip but the lack of decent size images from Superman Returns put a dampener on that idea. Probably about 14 hours work.

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27 comments on “Supergirl Still
  1. Derrick says:

    Wow…=D Barely just came out of my mind!! I can see that on the big screen!

  2. Jax says:

    looks good, might need to sinch in her waist a bit for hollywood

  3. rainingcrow says:

    I like it. did you try it with the belt not being covered by the blue in the middle too? That might be cute. altogether good design though. I would love to see this same image with scarlett J.’s face instead of heard… for a more mature take on her… of course that would make it a bit simmilar to the one I’m working on currently though… 😉

    btw, know any good stock pics of a female doing a roundhouse kick?

  4. dark_knight08 says:

    That’s a cool manip of Supergirl man

  5. joshmc says:

    @rainingcow: I wanted someone who was more in line with the comic version of the character in recent years, in terms of youth anyway. I couldn’t really think of anyone so I asked around the net and the majority suggested Amber who sort of has similar youthful traits. As for the roundhouse kick stock photo, unable to help you there I’m afraid. 🙂

  6. Black Cat says:

    the s symbol is kinda huge but still love it

  7. michael says:

    cool you gonna do a flash still

  8. W.West says:

    Love it! Though I’m not really a fan of the waist area.

  9. streetkid says:

    this is great but i dont like the waist area like everyone else and the “S” symbol might be too big

  10. Mod Kevin says:

    I’m gonna go against the grain and say that I actually like the way the waist looks because it changes the usual look that she always has. The “S” seems fine to me as well

  11. joshmc says:

    The constant complaints I heard in regards to the Superman Returns outfit was that it was a) too muted in colour and b) the logo was too small, so I took all that into account. But really, I just kinda like the idea of the shield covering the top of the torso.

  12. rainingcrow says:

    have something for you. While I’m waiting for a new stock image with the kicking bit, I had a little fun using your pic as a base. 😉

  13. Cait633 says:

    looks great! would love to see more of the newest version of SuperGirl though. Check out the “SUPERMAN/BATMAN VOL. 2: SUPERGIRL” comic.

  14. streetkid says:

    my bad joshmc the “S” symbol is alright but that waist area with the blue is way too long i dont like personally its abit of putting. but anyway great work joshmc i hoping if you going to do Green Arrow and The Flash concept design.

    p.s. Amber Heard is hot

  15. michael says:

    raining crow thats awesome

  16. Matt says:

    Pretty damn cool. I’d love to see a Henry Cavill Superman manip sometime in the near future. Maybe a Flash one too since you’ve yet to try him.

  17. joshmc says:

    Those requesting Flash I hear you, problem being I’ve yet to come up with a design for the character I’m happy with. It’s on the cards I can assure you.

  18. michael says:

    have you thought of an actor?

  19. joshmc says:

    Yes I do, but I’ll keep it a surprise until I finally do it.

  20. rainingcrow says:

    I just realized that you used the same background from the Brandon Routh publicity shot. Its a good cohesive touch.

    I just finished my version last night. Regrettably I couldn’t find my high kick pose, but I settled on something that worked out in its own way.

    let me know what ya think.

  21. tvcrazyman says:

    One of our members brought your work to my attention. Great work! I love it! Please come by and share your work anytime. Love to have you on our site. Would also like to get your opinions on the work of our members.

  22. joshmc says:

    thank you for the invitation.

  23. The Man of Steel says:

    I love everything, from the material and coloring of the costume to the actress you chose to represent Supergirl. Personally, I feel that the “S” is just the right size, for Supergirl. She’s usually portrayed as fun-loving and excitable; why shouldn’t the symbol that represents her be large? 😉

    The only thing I think you need to work on is Supergirl’s the waist area. It looks disproportionate with the rest of her body. Other than that, no improvement needed. She’s perfect. 😉

  24. abel says:

    okay but iwould prefer the white dress shirt and short blue mini skirt tobe distinguished from his cousin as in the animated series

  25. James says:

    Best Supergirl I have ever seen!!!

  26. rameyuk says:

    Hey, just like the Superman comment, The positive and negative and recommendation are pretty much the same.

    But here’s a few things: The cape length here is perfect, though it’s better to use a gold outlining in the cape. Just like the skirt, it looks perfect.

    Another thing is the Torso, though like superman, it’s not only better with a metallic material, it’ll look better if the neckline are lower and expose the torso like RainingCrows’ design.

    Thanks, it looks awesome ^^

  27. […] is another Supergirl design from the same artist done back in November 2009. This is the more traditional look that people will be familiar with, and features the […]

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