New Harley Quinn Still

Man, it’s been busy as hell the last few weeks, if it wasn’t for things like having to pay bills life would be so much easier. After two failed attempts I’ve finally finished a new Harley Quinn manip! I was going through the archives the other week and realized I’d never done a fuller body shot of the character, so I figure I may as well do one. I found a great image of my usual Harley model Kristen Bell that fit perfect for what I wanted, a slight look of craziness. Including the two failed attempts probably about 12-14 hours work.


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13 comments on “New Harley Quinn Still
  1. Kenesu says:

    Ah, should would be perfect as Harley.

    Another woman to consider: Shannon Spruill

  2. michael says:

    hey a good charecter to think of is deadpool…

  3. Laura says:

    Yay, Harley again! That’s very nice, as usual! 😉
    By the way, I have some new photos of my Harley costume based on your artworks; if you want to take a look, they’re here:

  4. joshmc says:

    Nice gallery Laura. 🙂

    @ michael, I’ll keep Deadpool in mind.

  5. Mod Kevin says:

    Love the pic. I also have some pictures of my girlfriend in a Harley costume based off of your design. I just have to load them onto my computer. I’ll post a link to them.

  6. michael says:

    thanks he’s my fave

  7. michael says:

    Also i like the new look and are you thinking of putting ur ryan reynolds green lantern with no background

  8. Mod Kevin says:

    here is a link to one of the photos. It isn’t very good because we were sitting down in it but here it is anyway if I ever get the other pictures from the person who took them I will post a link. She looks better in the costume when she is standing up

  9. dark_knight08 says:

    That’s a kinda creepy but yet cool Harley Quinn jmc.
    You should totally make an alter ego of Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

  10. JeanGenie says:

    Ehm… please, Josh, take a look at this.
    This girl is posting a lot of you works without credits. Did you give her permission?

  11. johana says:

    i liked is super kiut

  12. Dee says:

    Omg that is so my new costume xD

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