Fan Art Exhibit Celebrates 1st Birthday!

Well what a year it’s been! Really this site all started after Slashfilm wrote an article of my photo manips that I was posting at Deviant Art. As cool as it was to get like 100,000 hits in a couple days the down side was some Neville Nobody decided I wasn’t playing by the Deviant Art rules, promptly complained to the admins of the site, resulting in most of the artworks being taken down. But It was not going to stop me! I decided to start this blog and after humble beginning, I’m pleased to say audience has steadily grown over the past 12 months. I’d like to thank all those who have commented and critiqued my designs, and for the many, many folks who have sent messages of support. More of a look back at the last 12 months after this.

Looking back, there have been a few highlights, I’ve had a couple of articles written about my designs on sites Slashfilm, First Showing and Film School Rejects, there was the Joker Oscar Poster that swept the web which some confused as being legitimate (something which I quite literally knocked up in like an hour), and there was that MTV video where the reporter told Kristen Bell about my designs that cast her as Harley Quinn.

On an artistic front, it’s kinda fun looking back at some of the older designs and seeing how they hold up now, some of them seem to work, other not so much. I’ve gotten a lot of good feed back on the Green Lantern and Wonder Woman ‘movie stills’, surprisingly the design that gets the most traffic is The Joker and Harley Quinn piece, I’ve never been able to work that one out. Personally, my favourite designs that I did was the ‘If Women Ruled the Earth’ series featuring gender reversed Batman, Joker and Two-Face. I have to say I had the most fun these three designs, coming up with an entire reversed gender cast and running The Dark Knight in my head with them was hilarious to think about.

On the painting side of things, the Kitana portrait seems to be the one that most people like the best, I’ve gotten more messages on that one compared to any other. On top of that the many Wonder Woman concepts art pieces have gotten good feed back from a lot of the Wonder Woman fans. For me, the one I’m most satisfied with is the Terminator illustration featuring Summer Glau, I’d never done some much metal work before but the hours spent were worth it.

So what’s gonna come up in the next 12 months? I’ve got ideas, some of them are a little daunting to think about but are worth the challenge. I’m gonna be trying to broaden the range of characters, including Marvel and Top Cow characters, I’ll be trying a few new ‘What If’ artworks, I’m toying with the idea of bring animated characters to life, as well as try and get more Workshops up to help others with there own designs and photo manipulations. All in all, all I can say is there is more to come!

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8 comments on “Fan Art Exhibit Celebrates 1st Birthday!
  1. Calvin says:

    Happy Birthday, FAE! Can’t wait for more Green Lantern stuff, Marvel stuff, and animated-to-real stuff!

  2. Abbapol says:

    Your artwork has been such an inspiration for me. Seeing Harley Quinn and the Joker together just brings a tear to my eye. In all seriousness, I thank you for your Workshops. They have really helped me improve my own photo manipulations. Too bad I have silly things like school, relationships, food, and sleep higher on my priority list. Oh well, I guess I’ll get to my 50+ list of projects that I’ve got lined up, someday.

  3. Andy321 says:

    Happy Birthday !!!
    I’m looking forward for the marvel characters..i can’t wait.

  4. Cait633 says:

    What Andy321 said! lol

  5. Jax says:

    what a good year its been

  6. michael says:

    cant wait for your marvel stand inss some ideas
    Captain america

  7. Calvin says:

    You really have to do Captain America!!! 😀

  8. michael says:

    i know right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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