Workshop 4 – Do It Yourself Two Face

Sadly we got very little in the form of promotional imagery of Two-Face from The Dark Knight but that hasn’t stopped many a photo manipulator from doing there darnedest in trying to create there own imagery. Here I’ll explain the process I went through with the Two Face gender swap I did a few weeks ago, but this can apply to any imagery really.

Part 1 – Images and References

First things first images, I decide to use Hilary Swank as my model for the gender swap as she once stared along side Aaron Eckhart in a film.


One thing that becomes painfully annoying is the lack of available Two-Face imagery from various angles and with lighting sources, I’m basically limited to 5 images but luckily most have a similar angle and lighting direction to my image of Swank.


Part 2 – Surgery!

After cutting out my Swank image and creating a new folder called ‘Face’, I start adding bits and pieces from the Two-Face images. I’ve found starting with the basics like the eye and exposed jaw are a good starting point, it doesn’t need to be clean at this point, just roughly cut pieces to get a basic layout going. It may be helpful to draw in some guides of the contours of the face on a new layer to help with getting the shape right.


Part 3 – Micro Surgery!

With the basic layout done I start work on the details. For the paint work I used a Rough Ragged Brush on a low opacity setting to build up the layers gradually to get the burned effect blended in with the image (The rough brush works better for skins textures than a smooth brush). I keep referring back to the original image to get the shadowing and highlights right as well as the Two Face images to match the burn marking. Once done I create a new layer and subtly paint in reddish skin tones to match the underneath image.


Part 4 – New Hair Style

With the face done I move onto the hair. I’m kinda taking liberties with this part coz I have trouble finding references of hair damaged by flame. I cut out a portion of the hair from the original image of Swank and darken it using levels. Then on a new layer using a small pixel Solid Round Brush I start painting in wisps of ragged hair strands gradually at various Opacity’s using the light tones on the skin as my paint pallet.


Part 5 – New Wardrobe

I want a bit more of the figure to be seen so I increase the Canvas size, as a result I’m going to need more clothing. I hunt around and managed to find a pinstriped skirt to match the jacket, that’s the easy part, the annoying part is covering that pesky piece of paper. Using various bits and pieces of the existing jacket I slowly build up the rest of the jacket until all the paper is gone, it’s time consuming but it’s worth it. After completing the main portions of the jacket I paint in any parts that need filling using a Rough Brush.


Part 6 – Fire Damage

Now it’s time to ruin that suit! I start with the red shirt first, using a Flat Round Brush with Wet Edges selected I paint in using dark colours to simulate fuel stains. I also paint burn marks over those nice pearls, (shame, they look good!)


Next is the jacket. Using what I can from the only Two-Face suit image I could find I start to add burns to the suit. I follow the contours of the jacket and, using the Dodge and Burn tools, match the lighting and shadows. Lastly I cover a few pieces of Swanks hair as well as add a collar to the jacket.


Part 7 – Extras and Background

Almost there! Whilst I knew early on that I was going to have her holding a coin, I only realize at the last moment that the other hand should hold a gun, so I quickly hunt around my stock images and find an image to suit. Lastly, with the figure complete it’s time to add the background. I want it to look like a movie still so using an image from an actual movie still, I clone and copy bits and pieces until they are blended together nicely. The last thing is to use is Levels to match the tone of the image to the background, and using the Blur brush, gently blur the edges of the figure.


And here is the finished manipulation!


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4 comments on “Workshop 4 – Do It Yourself Two Face
  1. anonymous says:

    Wow, that is pretty neat!

  2. Tai says:

    Thank-you so much for posting this. I love learning new things with photoshop and your work is by far the best I have ever seen. Especially when it comes to manipulations that look so real. I saw your Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern still and for about 5 minutes I seriously thought it was real. I’ve been trying to make myself something like your stills, using Erica Durance (Smallville’s Lois Lane) as Superwoman, from the All-Star comics version of Superman. I suck so far, but after seeing this and your tutorial with the Wonder Woman look, I think I can try again. Feel free to snag the idea, I personally wouldn’t mind seeing your version of what she would look like as well. You are seriously THAT TALENTED. ^_^

  3. Kelvin N. says:

    This is a really helpful tutorial, I just have one question if you can find the time to answer it.

    Where did you find the picture for Harvey Dent’s suit?

  4. joshmc says:

    I for the life of me can’t remember where I got it from, it was a while ago when I found it, I think it was some comic or movie forum. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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