Green Lantern Still

Well we’ve got our Green Lantern finally cast, perhaps a taste of things to come? I guess we’ll find out how close I get in about 2 years time.


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35 comments on “Green Lantern Still
  1. rainingcrow says:


  2. chris says:

    sorry but you need to give him the glove Hal Jordan always wear the glove

    but everything else looks great but you just need to add the glove (white or green glove will be alright)

  3. streetkid says:

    this looks freaking amazing

    but one thing you need to give him gloves

  4. michael says:

    this is great it does not need to have the gloves thats how awesome it is! could u make this with a clear background kind of like the chris pine one

  5. batboy99 says:

    Yeah I agree with everyone on the gloves, without them,his outfit looks incomplete and makes him look a little naked.

    But besides that, this is a grade A manip. Where did you get the body? Is it stock from Mjar…. whatever his name is(I could never remember it)

  6. Matt says:

    Like others have said, Hal NEEDS the gloves. He’d leave fingerprints otherwise. 😉 Just make them the same color/material as the sleeves.

    But other than the glove thing, EXCELLENT job as always!

  7. Cait633 says:

    looks great! the pants look a little weird though… could be just me, but i love the design!

  8. Wil says:

    Ryan Reynolds would make an Excellent Hal, assuming that’s the GL they are going with. I mean seeing how it is a movie it could be a whole new GL. Hal or not I’m glad they picked him, I think he’s so HOT! 😛

  9. Calvin says:

    That is sooo AWESOME! Get a job at Warner Brothers, they really need you! Could you make a poster? I don’t care about the gloves, I think it’s perfectly fine…

  10. michael says:

    That is sick! Keep it comming.

  11. Kezz says:

    Man, everyone’s a critic.

    Dude you don’t need to add a thing, this is amazing. I have absolutely no idea how you created that, but it’s freaking incredible.

    Supremely awesome work!

  12. Patrick says:

    its awsome sept You need black Gloves black matchs the rest of the suit better than white and green white or green would look tacky but green wouldnt look quite as tacky as white would i say dark green would be the best choice

  13. Calvin says:

    I don’t care about gloves. Some people just need to be thankful for what you’ve made and appreciate it. It’s sooo perfect!

  14. Wil says:

    I for one don’t think gloves are a big deal. Hal and some other Gls have white gloves but it’s not like it’s a must have for the costume, John Stewart for example doesn’t have any gloves and some have black or green ones. In this particular case I think the design looks amazing as it is.

  15. Brooke says:

    Please make more Green Lantern stills, this is awesome!

  16. michael says:

    deadpool first GL second

  17. Andy321 says:

    Josh dude..
    U did an awesome job on all of your work,
    I’m a huge marvel fan…and theres a captain america movie
    coming out..can u ?..y’know,
    work your magic and make a captain america picture…
    like if he’s frozen in a block of ice, or just posing for a poster

    thanks man 🙂

  18. Mike Vargas says:

    I still don’t feel that ryan reynolds isn’t right to be as the green lantern.

  19. Mike Vargas says:

    Why not have Nathen Fillon as GL he would’ve been better for the role.

  20. Doc says:

    Fantastic! Reynolds himself looks ridiculous as GL, but the image itself is awesome.

  21. GL says:

    He doesnt look like Hal Jordan at all

  22. Anonymous says:

    i think he’ll make a good GL, but i can see reynolds playing the flash so much better

  23. Rony Septiano says:

    Hello im from indonesia, i love DC comics, just one says, AMAZING…

  24. J Smith says:


  25. Brian E. Kiley says:

    Looks good, but the pants need some green in it. I understand what everyone is saying about the gloves…but it may not translate well in live action. It may look cheesey.

  26. The Man of Steel says:

    Perfect. =D

  27. LordDemonas667 says:

    Looks awesome can’t wait

  28. Andy321 says:

    dude…you’ve got to get hired

  29. joshmc says:

    Already aware of it, but thank you regardless.

  30. wooooooo says:

    Yeah imagine IronMan with no boots or gloves on.
    So don’t be dumbass filmakers…
    This movie better not suck

  31. jason says:

    i dont know it looks kinda cheesy 2 me like a fancy shirt. i was expecting something a little more on the tactical side and yeah i would like 2 c if gloves would help. Also the mask and the way his hairs so puffy. Im really not trying 2 rip on it 2 bad its just not what i was expecting.

  32. daniel says:

    this green lantern?without gloves and similar mask Power Ring Earth-3 evil green lantern!!!!but sorry Hal Jordan!!I like Guy Gardner!!hahahaha

  33. Jonathan Ulf Schwarzmann says:

    Way better than the movie costume.

  34. So Many people are using this Image Josh. Holy Crap! haha
    Let me know if anymore people are selling your stuff illegally on ebay and i’ll report it for you mate

  35. josh says:

    ^ Thanks mate, it’s quite rampant, I read about 20 film reviews online where they’ve used my image instead of a shot from the film. I guess I should take it as a compliment.

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