“She Looks Like Xena”

This is a phrase I’ve heard a couple of times when it comes to my interpretation of Wonder Woman, “She’s looks like Xena”, and to be perfectly frank it annoys me, especially considering the two outfit looks nothing alike. I’ve often wondered how people keep seeing Xena and I think it dawned on me this morning, I don’t think people really know what Xena looks like, that’s the only conclusion I can come too.

One thing I have noticed is that when ever someone in a forum or blog posts my design and brings up the Xena quote no one bothers to put up a picture of Xena for comparison, there just seems to be this belief that because she wears a hoplite skirt, because she wears leather, because it has Greek motifs, because it has seems, because she has (god forbid she has some support) straps that it must be similar to Xena’s outfit.

I get it that some fans don’t like the idea of ‘logic’ being applied to Wonder Woman in anyway shape or form, but that’s the way I’ve gone, the phrase ‘that’s just how it is’ doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve referenced many of WW designs throughout the years to ensure I’ve gotten the basics of the outfit right, colour scheme, stars, bracers etc, however I knew from the start of re-interpreting Wonder Woman with a more Greek design the costume would immediately draw Xena comparisons so I did the natural thing, I referenced Xena so that WW costume didn’t end up looking like Xena’s. And yet the comparison remains, damned if I do damned if I don’t. So I guess the question is, does anyone really know what Xena looks like?

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24 comments on ““She Looks Like Xena”
  1. Wil says:

    I myself can’t help but notice the similarities but to me it’s always been xena who looked like Diana not the other way around. The similarity is obviously more prevalent w/ your interpretation because your design IS more grounded in reality than the comic book version.

  2. TheEndlessOne says:

    People seem to think if they’ve seen one outfit with a warskirt, they’ve seen every outfit with a warskirt.

  3. Rick says:

    I agree with you. I know what Xena looks like and the two outfits don’t really look alike. The style of skirt is simular but thats about it.

  4. Wil says:

    Most notable differences are, 1 has sandals 1 has boots, color scheme, 1 has shoulder guards the other doesn’t, 1 has arm bands the other doesn’t, 1 wears a belt the other doesn’t, 1 wears a tiara the other doesn’t, 1 carries weapons the other doesn’t (in most renders), design of the breast plates are different, bracers are different. stud patterns on the hoplite skirt are different.
    The basic shape of the outfits though is the same because let’s face it not much can be changed from that outfit if you want something that looks authentic. They both have strapped leather armored bustiers, they both have studded hoplite skirts, they both have bracers, they both have armored footwear.
    It’s like comparing Bat-suits, even though they might look similar at a glance there are huge differences when examined closer.

  5. nikki says:

    if it makes you feel better, Xena was a realistic warrior woman in a show set in ancient times. You are doing manips of a warrior woman using realistic outfits inspired by ancient times. There is some sort of overlap but I think Xena is a second rate wonder woman

  6. Excalibur says:

    The sandals push it over to Xena territory and too far away from the classic WW design.

  7. joshmc says:

    ^ Thing is Xena didn’t even wear sandals.

  8. Excalibur says:

    Sorry about that, don’t know much about Xena, just thought that’s why you gave WW sandals. I still think it removes it too much from WW’s classic design.

  9. sketch says:

    Might I add that all this “classic design” comments being spewed on your site is pure nonsense. Do your research people, Wonder Woman has just as many costume designs over the last 50 years as Batman. You can’t use the word “classic” unless you’re talking about her wearing granny panties and stilettos, UGH!

    She looks nothing like Xena, and no true Wonder Woman fan, hell no true DC Comics fan would dare make that reference.

  10. FireStarter says:

    Ok, I’m a female who has been a fan of Wonder Woman since I was a kid (I’m now 45) and Xena. I even made a WW costume in high school and wore it on super hero day and have been wanting to make a Xena costume today.

    I can tell you they look nothing like each other. They are both Greek in origin, have had numerous costumes and are similar complexions (dark hair, blue eyes, tall, warriors, princesses etc.). Your Wonder Woman renditions are beautiful and are a WW fan girl’s dream. None of this stupid, impractical, whorish, garish, shiny spandex stuff that the immature prepubescent “adult” male wets their pants over hoping to get a peek of a breast falling out or look-see up her crack.

    Leather. The stuff of real warriors. Your renditions make her look like a Greek warrior/goddess (the actress u picked is great too). The costume materials you’ve chosen, style etc. are classic for Greek armor. Xena’s different armors were also leather and were plausible but not classic Greek (her breast plate was inspired by the Celts, which was explained in an episode). The materials of the time people (Sparta, Rome), leather armor, bronze, brass, iron, gold (not shiny spandex).

    Get over it. Xena comes from the same period as Diana. They are both badass and imbued with powers from the Gods. Anyone who’s on this trip that Diana in leather looks like Xena needs to go stare at the seven seasons of DVD’s from Xena and then go look at Diana in “New Frontier”, “Kingdom Come” and “Public Enemies”. Guys sit down before your hurt yourself (and adjust your shorts).

    Oh and for all you people who want the Spandex Linda Carter WW re-incarnated into a movie…Do you think today she could stand up to the strength of character/badassness exhibited by Sarah Conner, Ellen Ripley, Buffy, Xena and Trinity on the big screen? NOT.

    DC needs to loosen its jock-strap and get on with the Movie. They’re already taking your stuff for their comic books. Bunch of indecisive, week kneed…

    I’ll stop there.

  11. FireStarter says:

    No I can’t stop. One last thing. Leather is sexy. Women in leather are sexy. Guys usually like leather. So I can’t imagine the brain configuration of these complainers. Spandex says…Walmart trailer trash. Polyester…the fabric of the 70’s.

    Oh and by the way, authentic Wonder Woman includes wearing Martial arts gis. Do we want to see that again? Duh.

    If Marvel can upgrade their hero’s armor for the big screen – Spidy, Ironman (he lost the spandex look), Fantastic Four, Hulk (lost the purple shorts), X-men (Don’t see any bright yellow Wolverine or Storm’s boobs hanging out unprotected). Bats, Sup, Joker, Robin all got upgrades for the big screen too. Why should Diana run around in a spandex bathing suit with no breast support and high heels? I want the guys to fight in that and have their opponent take them seriously.

    Ok, now I’m done. For now.


  12. joshmc says:

    That’s quite a rant Lisa. 🙂

  13. Gothamazon says:

    Nah, your design is way prettier than Xena’s. I agree with the other poster up there that pointed out the different gladiator sandals vs boots, leather bracers vs metal bracers, chakram vs lasso, no tiara vs tiara, and of course colour schemes.

    I LOVE your renditions of WW costume. I HOPE that DC will use it and PAY you for that for the live action WW movie. She should wear your design instead of the traditional Lynda Carter/Jimenez/Perez/Dodson/Lopresti designs… for yours is much more suitable to live action movies.

    Now, I wish you would start selling your real WW costumes, but I think you would have to ask DC’s permissions, right? Cos I would definitely buy one from you!

  14. joshmc says:

    Unfortunately I’m not a costume designer, and even if I was it’d probably cost a fortune to make.

  15. Fred says:

    The outfits are NOTHING alike except for the costume parts (aka. both have greco-roman style armor). You might as well say that Superman and the Sentry look alike because they both have capes, chest symbols and wear their trunks over their tights.

  16. Mike says:

    Unfortunately I have to side with those confirming the similarities. While there are differences in colr scheme and details, the overall look is basically Xena’s outfit. I’m not saying that this isn’t great looking but I think that what is most important in the visual recognition of a character is the contour – the shape that the costume and overall look creates. This is the exact same contour as Xena. There is the armoured bustier – with straps (like Xena), the hoplite skirt, same length as Xena, and even the shin guards are remeniscent of Xena’s boots. And to be honest with the lasso at her hip, I’m getting chakram vibes. So just do a little more research. Maybe the Greeks had armour of a different sort that you can draw from.

  17. chaos_rice says:

    Just found this site. LOVE your WW look, very clean and stream line but still looking REAL. re: the Xena thing. NO out-side of the already pointed out items (fire starter) there is only so much one can do while 1)being Greek, 2) staying female. and really if you put a character in TRUE armor, gender really gets lost. and one would assume that the movie would like the audence to know that that is a WOMAN out there.
    on a personal note, that is one costume that i would not be shy about whearing to Comic-Con.

  18. Dark Nerd says:

    I’m a brazilian fan of Xena, and WW. Loved your arts. I think it reminds us of Xena, because both of the outfits are about female warrior that kinda looks like gladiators, and they are also white woman with dark hair. It’s like your Diane Lane Hippolyta’s outfit, that remind us the WW outfit, although they are diferrent.

  19. illiilli says:

    Hey! I just wanna say that i really love your take on the character and your work in gerneral. I was doing this little blog about the new Wonder Woman series and I was looking for photos and stumbled onto your site. I was so impressed that I gave your blog a shout out and linked your site.
    you can check me out at this address.

    keep up the good work.

  20. theNickster says:

    Wouldn’t say they are the splitting image of each other really, must be a shoulder to hip ratio thing that has some people confused. I guess if you squint she looks vaguely like Lucy Lawless

    Nice work in any event.

  21. sly says:


    The first time I your WW image, I thought of Xena…sorry! For me it wasn’t so much that the costumes, or faces were similar, but rather of the over all feel I got that here was a wonder woman, who could definitely “kick some butt….” warrior princess style!

  22. john rhodes says:

    FireStarter None of this stupid, impractical, whorish, garish, shiny spandex stuff that the immature prepubescent “adult” male wets their pants over hoping to get a peek of a breast falling out or look-see up her crack.
    Im a guy and the pics of his interpretation of Wonder Woman still make me think “look-see up her crack” but I agree its way hotter then the Spandex crap and Xena the second rate wonder woman but dont pick on my Linda Carter LOL
    Mike So just do a little more research. Maybe the Greeks had armour of a different sort that you can draw from.
    Why its way hotter then Xena the second rate wonder woman.

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