And yet again another WW Concept.

Another concept. This one doesn’t really have any story behind it, I just realized I hadn’t done any images of Diana doing her signature move.


Not entirely happy with this as I rushed it, about 4 hours or so in Painter and Photoshop.

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3 comments on “And yet again another WW Concept.
  1. michael says:

    As usual fantastic work JMC! Love it.

  2. Myristica says:

    Hon, your work is stupendous! It’s realistic, dark, but shows the strengths of Diana’s character: Strong, compassionate, wise and fearless. If ONLY the new TV show had taken you on board for this. 😦 I am NOT happy with what they’ve come up with. Not AT ALL!

  3. MGEloop says:

    I think that no matter what you do there will be similarities from xena and your WW.
    1. A physically strong female.
    2. Black hair and blue eyes,a commanding presence.
    3. Greek heritage.
    4. Stitched boiled leather outfit with a short battle skirt.

    There are no other heroins who match this description besides Xena or someone from Greek lore.

    I think the outfit is dead on perfect and should be the one to be used in any movie or TV series. It personifies her iconic image and is true to her Greek heritage. Any other kind of material would just not fit. It would not do her any justice to even attempt to put her into a more modern looking outfit. The ancient style tells the observer that she has a culture and history, a story to be told. Don’t change a thing I beg you.

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