Character Design – Artemis

This took me quite some time in terms of figuring out the design more than anything else. As Artemis has never really had a set costume design as it were (except for the trademark long red hair) I took some liberties and came up with my own design for the character. I did get some influence from the Wonder Woman animated movie however, most notably the colour scheme of the character being very similar. I chose Missy Peregrym as the model coz she has a certain edge to her that suits Artemis.


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14 comments on “Character Design – Artemis
  1. rainingcrow says:

    perfect. dont change a thing

  2. Mod Kevin says:

    I really like this one. I like others as well but this seems to have a natural look to it.

  3. Ellington says:

    Nicely done!
    Have you ever considered doing Queen Hippolyta and General Phillipus? That would be really nifty if you did do them!

  4. michael says:

    Hey you are such a good artist! I’m a huge Witchblade fan and would love to see you do something with Ann Hathaway as the model or Jessica Alba.

  5. joshmc says:

    ^ I’ve thought of doing Witchblade, but it’s very daunting task. Maybe one day.

  6. Apsara says:

    A very pretty and dangerous Artemis! Oh, and I love ALL your WW costumes. Amazing. And Hyppolyta… OMG… what a Queen!

  7. ZaZeN says:

    She is smokin’ as a red head!!

    How about doing the Avengers?
    Only Captain America hasn’t been cast yet.

  8. vermihendrix says:

    i was hoping for kate beckinsale as diana. and (please don’t throw rocks at me ) james marsden as kyle rayner

  9. vermihendrix says:

    who do u think should be cast as harold campion??

  10. Anonymous says:

    I really admire youre work!! really, Look maybe if u want I can send you some designs off Donna Troy (as WG) that fit perfect with youre art and vision about ww!! I really love youre work!!

    Also I give you some good choice for some chars I love
    Cheetah= Rhona Mitra
    Donna Tro= Odette Yustman


  11. CLINTON says:

    LOVE IT! Thanks to these amazing works of true art, I can see the film in my head, which will probably be far superior to the actual film sad to think. How I hope your designs help to inspire Joel!

  12. Amy Taylor says:

    Hi there,
    My work has a halloween costume party ever year and this year is Fantasy, I was looking for something just like this, has anyone ever done the costume for your design? Please let me know, I’d really like to make one or buy one.
    Thank you

  13. josh says:

    As far as I know no-one has made this Artemis design. You won’t be able to buy one unfortunately coz this is custom made, so you’re probably gonna have to make one yourself or get someone to help you.

  14. Netherman14 says:

    I actually prefer this red armor over the green one.

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