Character Design – Wonder Woman damaged suit updated

Following on from my slightly redesigned WW outfit, I thought I’d also update the damaged version of the suit to go with it, although minus the injuries this time. I’ve been asked why I’ve made a version like this and really the idea behind this is that as the story moves along the outfit becomes more and more damaged after each battle, eventually arriving to something along these lines, thus looking more like the traditional comic version of the costume. Personally I quite like the dents in the breastplate. 🙂


Body Stock images courtesy

New Wonder Woman Promo piece here.

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10 comments on “Character Design – Wonder Woman damaged suit updated
  1. Ellington says:

    This is great! Are you still using Cobie as a model?
    Oh and where is her lasso?

  2. joshmc says:

    Doh! Forgot the lasso again. One of these days I’ll remember it.

  3. Moumen says:

    Dear sir,
    I have to say I totally love the way you handle the characters with your art, especially what you did with Wonder Woman…. and I read the commnets that said she resembled Xena and i think you should take those as positive remarks because that means that you have managed to make her actually be relatable to the historical era of Greek mythology Diana is supposed to be from… I mean she is a an amazon after all right?

    I’d also like to salute you for the asesome Batman and Catwoman pic. i do wish she would look something like that if she would appear in Batman 3.

    Plz do more Batman stills.

  4. Justin says:

    Is there a reason why your Wonder Woman looks like Cobie Smulders? If that was intentional, good call! She would make an excellent Wonder Woman.

  5. joshmc says:

    I’ve used Cobie for a while coz she was rumoured to be Joss Whedon’s choice for WW when he was still on the film a few years back. Until any serious WW film news comes about I’ll probably stick with her.

  6. […] next pictures were designed by Fan Art Exhibit. This is some great Photoshop artwork… doesn’t Wonder Woman look […]

  7. Pramod says:

    Whoa this outfit has caught the imagination of so many people….i must say my hearty congrats to this design…totally wonder woman like…its hard to imagine this design wasn’t the original….but from the artistry point of view can you tell me whether the model is real model or CG? cause she would make one heck of a Wonder Woman!!

    keep up the good work
    God Bless!!

  8. Pramod says:

    about the above comment, just saw the workshop section and its sad that that’s not a real model…dash my dreams!! lol…great job anyway!! keep up the good work!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    should be 99% damaged suit…nearly nude

  10. Linda says:

    meh. This just looks slutty. To my mind, her outfit should be nearly as indestructible as she is.

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