Character Design – Wonder Woman Updated

Got a bunch of new stuff coming out in the next week or so, first piece, an updated WW design. I’ve taken some of the feedback and critiques people have made with my WW design and applied some changes, most notably new breastplate, and slightly less details throughout the costume. UPDATE: A change in hair style, turns out I went a bit too 1980’s with the hair style according to some, hope this is more satisfactory :).


Body Stock images courtesy

NOTE June 5: I see my WW fan art has finally made its way to the DC Comics forums (I think that’s a first, yay!) and has stirred quite a debate. I appreciate all the critiques, for those who don’t like the design, don’t take it so seriously, it’s just one fans more grounded interpretation of the character. Peace! ๐Ÿ™‚

New Wonder Woman Promo piece here.

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31 comments on “Character Design – Wonder Woman Updated
  1. KJPPPimp says:

    Fingers crossed that one of those new ones is a Flash concept

  2. Cairyn says:

    Looks great – but I think the rims of her bracelets/bracers are a little too yellowish. Maybe if they were the same color as her belt and chestpiece?

  3. rainingcrow says:

    ahh, now that’s what Im talkin about! the bracers could use some work on the color like someone above already mentione, but this I have to say is The best WW design you have done yet. The look of the skirt is finally something that fits the dynamic of the overall image. The pose, the armor, etc all look great together. I have to say that though Im still not sold on the actress… this is a face I could accept as Diana.

    Constructive criticisms- the hair and sandals have a bit of a copy and pasted look, due largley to the lightness in their coloration… They seem a tad bit too grey in contrast of the rest. I would love to see her hair perhaps a bit straighter, and darker perhaps hainging behind her shoulders but maintaining the same type of volume… and of course the bracers… all the other metal work seems to be quite ornate and artisan crafted… but the bracers and shin guards are a bit like an afterthought. wich is great for function but perhaps lacking in glory.

    overall This is definately my favorite design I have seen you implement for a character.

  4. Mod Kevin says:

    This looks incredible. I especially love the design you use in the girdle. If Warner Brothers actually does put a Wonder Woman movie into production, I hope they contact you to work on the pre-production design team.

  5. rainingcrow says:

    wow, hair looks good now… nice

  6. rainingcrow says:

    bet that would look awesome with the lasso on the hip

  7. Wil says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about what others think (DC forums). It’s your artistic interpretation and you have every right to make it as u will. I for one LOVE your work especially on the Amazons.

  8. Pab says:

    I like this deisgn the concept it’s so impressive and the colors used for the suit can’t be better. I’d love to see the lasso and I would change thos “sandal-boots” for boots with a decoration, for example, an eagle.

  9. sketch says:

    Now that’s what I want to see on the big screen. I hope they come as close as possible to this design. Beautiful job!

  10. Emily says:

    It looks amazing! The only thing I might change is that the design of the shoulder straps on her breastplate seem to make her shoulders and chest look narrow. Maybe it’s the angle, the way they look like they will form a halter behind her neck. I think Wonder Woman needs to look really built and have powerful upper body.

  11. The Man of Steel says:

    This costume design is excellent. I saw your work on another site and I was so impressed with it that I just had to seek out the creator. Your Wonder Woman costume looks better than any other live-action Wonder Woman costume concept art I’ve seen, by far. Also (and I think this goes without saying), the actress you chose to portray her is stunning. She makes me really believe that Wonder Woman is part of the trilogy. But as great as the costume is, I do think that there’s room for improvement.

    WW’s bracelets look a tad out of place on her. Compared to the beautifully crafted armor that make up WW’s breast-plate and girdle, the bracelets you picked out for her look – for lack of a better word – cartoonish. Also, I think the yellow portions of the bracelets could be toned down a tad.

    As a previous poster said, WW’s hair looks a bit too “copied and pasted” for my liking.

    To echo the constructive criticism of another previous posters, WW’s shoulder straps look too narrow – it really does look as though WW is wearing a halter.

    My last point is actually a personal preference instead of actual constructive criticism. Perhaps you could change WW’s sandals into boots instead? I have nothing against the sandals(actually, I think it was a really creative decision; the sandals fit really well into the Amazonian nature of her costume), but I’d prefer WW to wear boots, if only for the sake of her costume even more resembling the one from the comics. But like I said, I really have no problem with the sandals, and I don’t really care if things match up perfectly with the comics or not. This is a wonderful, wonderful design, and I profusely applaud your work.

  12. CLINTON says:

    My jaw dropped after finding these images on a random Google search. I’ve seen a total of 5 now? based on this concept? Truly this is what I dreamed she would look like for the film, as it is so wonderfully realistic in a fantastical way. I love the even newer images of the torn skirt that hints at the costume we have grown so used to.

    Beautiful work! Just breathtaking!

  13. Anthony says:

    WOW SWEET !!!!!!! Who’s the model she’s HOTT!!! Good Muscle tone,nice work. Very good job on the costume.I hope someone at Warner Bros.,can finally give the go-head on the movie.Hey if they need a costume & actor look no further,it’s right here.

    What’s the model’s name she’s HOTT!!!!

  14. Fred says:

    One of the best, if not the best interpretations of Diana’s costume I’ve ever seen. I applaud you.

    The incorporation of Greek armor elements and embellishments is exactly what I was looking for. Nice touch on the owl symbolizing Athena on the belt buckle. The star/sun stud plates on the armor skirt is a PERFECT way to interpret that part of the classic costume. Best I’ve seen.

    THIS is the kind of armor Hypolita would give to her daughter, not a silly bathing suit with blue star-spangled panties.

  15. Amaryllis says:

    Hey Josh, bet you hear this a lot but I just have to say your WW concept art is awesome! It’s how I would imagine WW to actually look like as a Greek descendant.

    Anyhow, after studying the design for a bit I’m inspired to create WW’s costume based on your concept art for cosplay at a local hobby convention. But before I proceed with it, I’d like to ask for your permission, just in case (I wouldn’t want to violate any copyright act or etc). I know that you’ve released some of your illustration for public uses but I’m not sure if that applies to using your art to make something real.

    I’m not one of your usual readers so if there’s some T&C that I’ve missed or may have overstepped any borders, do let me know.

  16. joshmc says:

    Hey Amaryllis if you wanna make a cosplay you’re more than welcome to do it, others have made cosplays before out of my costume, send me photos when it’s done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Amaryllis says:

    Hey Josh, I thought there was a glitch and my comment couldn’t be posted ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so glad to get a positive response from you. Sure thing, I’ll ask a friend to take tonnes of photos and pick out the decent ones to show you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks so much for letting me use your concept art. The convention is this December, by the way. Now I’m really looking forward to it ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. joshmc says:

    @ Amaryllis, Yeah, no glitch, I check all comments first to ensure there’s no spam or links to dodgy websites but I don’t do it everyday so sometimes the list of comments piles up. Feel free to use all my WW pics as reference not just this one, just type in WW in the search bar up top to get all of them. Hope it turns out well, I’d love to see the final result. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Amaryllis says:

    Hi Josh, I’m glad you replied me when you did. I almost gave up on WW ๐Ÿ˜€ Yeah, I saw all your WW concept arts and they are amazing! (So are your other arts.) I’ve saved some on my PC so I can have a look at them from time to time.

    The costume is currently in progress. I added a sword to it based on one of your WW pics but I took a shortcut and modified my brother’s toy sword. The hilt doesn’t look exactly Greek-ish but it’s passable ๐Ÿ™‚

    Since I’m a huge fan of Greek/Roman fashion, I really liked how you embellished your WW with gladiator sandals but instead of wearing that, I opted for a pair of gladiator heels to create the illusion of having long legs like WW and to add some height to my stature. Iโ€™ve always believed that super heroes/heroines are much taller than us, then again itโ€™s also because I couldnโ€™t find a pair of gladiator sandals!

    I made the tiara as close as I could to your pic but after screwing up at my first try, I decided not to paint the lines anymore. But I might try something else. For now it looks very much like WWโ€™s classic tiara only upside down.

    I can hardly wait to test fit the costume ๐Ÿ™‚ Wish me luck!

  20. joshmc says:

    Send pics when it’s done!

  21. Amarillys says:

    Hi Josh ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here’s a photo of the tiara I made:

    And the sword I told you about:

    That’s all the updates from me for now ๐Ÿ˜€ Will post more photos when I’m done with my costume. Estimated completion = next week. Hobbycon’s less than 20 days away +___+

  22. Amarillys says:

    Hi Josh ๐Ÿ™‚

    The completed costume photos as promised~


  23. Amarillys says:

    Here’s one just for fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. joshmc says:

    Wow those look awesome Clarisa!

  25. Amarillys says:

    Hi Josh, thanks for the compliment and for the awesome comment in my DA ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. geekpeak says:

    Awesome concept art! Way better than the costume they are going to use in the relaunch of the TV series of Wonder Woman due out this fall. I just wrote a blog post about my disappointment and found your outfit design and posted it as what the makers of the show should have been looking for!

    Well done!

  27. rainingcrow says:

    I totally wish the new show had hired one of us design the costume.

  28. josh says:

    ^ Probably wouldn’t end up how we’d want it to look regardless.

  29. Anonymous says:

    So many ridiculous attempts to update (i.e. make more modern) WW’s outfit both by DC and the horrible poly/spandex jeggings in the failed TV pilot. Making her look more like an ancient Greek goddess is a much better way to go. The greco-roman “kilt?” (not sure what it’s actually called) is the perfect answer to the 70’s star spangled shorts. I still like knee high boots though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. DC says:

    costume design: they have the right idea, giving her more of the ancient warrior look.But its still not quite right. it look cheaply modern with obvious updating so its not authentic enough. If they come out with movie get someone other than meagan fox. She exudes to much of the sex kitten image she’d make a good villain- MAYBE.

    Wonder Woman is Modestly beautiful but will still whoop you a–. Meagan Fox don’t give off that image AT ALL. Hollywood is focusing on sex appeal too damn much no wonder they failing.

  31. Daniez says:

    I love the more mature/darker design! But I feel like you could lose the straps

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