My Harley Quinn design comes to life!

This is very cool, Captain Laura over at Deviant Art has created a Harley Quinn cosplay based of my photo manipulations. I was so impressed with how great and accurate the costume turned out that just had to show it to everyone. Very cool stuff.





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24 comments on “My Harley Quinn design comes to life!
  1. gggggggggh4h says:

    so cool

  2. rainingcrow says:

    ok, after seeing it realized I have the same concern I did before… It would look great on the pages, but it seems to uniform for the nolan concept.

  3. Alba Ght. says:

    Yeah, good girl xD very cool

  4. Ellington says:


  5. Caroline says:

    it’s very beautiful !!!
    I love your pictures, it’s very realist !! you should play Harley, you’ve got the style for !!! ^^

  6. Gabby says:

    I must say that this looks amazing! Would you consider making another one for sale? Or at least do you know how I can get my hands on a similar version of this costume?

  7. Laura says:

    To Gabby:
    Hi, I’m the Harley Quinn of these photos. 😀 I’m very glad you like my costume, but I have to say that I can’t make others for sale. Now, making this costume has been a team work. I projected it and a friend of mine did all the sewing part: we took references from paper models, the model of a pair of pants and the model of a shirt, and we put them togheter. It’s quite easy if you have a sew-machine. We had no idea about how to make the hat and the collar, so I ask another friend (expert dressmaker) to do them for me. All the rest, as you see, it’s gloves, wig and a lot of makeup!
    Thanks to everyone who commented, and to Josh for publishing my photos: it has been a honour!

  8. Hester says:

    That’s so cool! I’m actually making that costume for Halloween this year. What a coincidence, I was working on it all day when I came across this page! Both your pictures and her costume look great, I love it!

  9. brittney says:

    harley quinn is f***hot

  10. tybora says:

    your so cool

  11. anonymous says:

    looks like you tried to make it look like harley if she were in the dark knight or something

  12. Izzy B says:


    How did you do the pants? I wanna make a harley quinn costume with some similar elements and right now the only way I really make the pants is by taking some read pants and painting the other half black. Were the pants custome sew, or like did you follow a part and mix up the fabrics?

    I know I’m not supposed to give emails but I REALLY need to know!!!

  13. joshmc says:

    Izzy, I can’t allow email addresses to be posted for obvious reasons. If you wish to contact CaptainLaura please visit her Deviant Art page. This link is at the top of the post.

  14. Transmit001 says:

    I hope you’ll forgive my saying so, but this has a very Juggalo feel to it (which I LIKE!) very well done and if I may say so, I agree with the statement said earlier, you should play Harley in a film version, give her the darker maniacal edge… out for revenge for Joker…

  15. THE Harley Quinn says:

    not. Harley. at all. wrong outfit wrong make up. wrong wrong wrong.

  16. joshmc says:

    Looks pretty right to me. 😉

  17. noelia f says:

    i think than shes so fuckin awesome n hot ,shes a beautiful bitch from hell !!!

  18. Alex Novozhilov says:

    Wow!!! Nice LOVE IT!!!! :))))

  19. Harley Quinn says:

    I love it. The fact that you took the time to do this tells me you are a TRUE HQ fan. Laura, you are beautiful and are a great person to play her. Honestly, I was so impressed I showed all my friends. Thanks for taking the time to do it, loved it, AMAZING talent.

    HUGE HQ fan,

  20. Har-ley-Q says:

    I LOVE this costume. Absolutely love it. I wish i could do somethng like that.
    To the person who said it was all wrong…how is it all wrong? That’s like saying the Arkham City gamed Harley Q is wrong.
    I think it’s all RIGHT!

    IMO, Nolan made a huge mistake for not including her in TDK + TDKR. I’m actually quite surprised about it, considering her huge fanbase and all. Even if she were to just have made a cameo it would have been nice… but alas.

  21. Anonymous says:

    MARRY ME!!!!!!!

  22. Bryce Ash says:

    I love her; my bat wings are flapping like crazy fast for this sexy chick!

  23. Anonymous says:

    MARRY ME (I can do anything for you in a heartbeat if nessesary otherwise my men will get you and bah what the heck they will bring you to me


  24. Clownprincess says:

    COOL! I like your outfit. This design please me allot!

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