The Joker And Harley Quinn

I’m back for a new year! I spent the X-mas break coming up with some new ideas to do for this year, and some are very ambitious projects. All will be revealed in good time, but first something to kick off 2009.


I actually had the idea brewing for sometime. I found an image of my default Harley Kristen Bell that matched beautifully with a promo image of The Joker. Sadly we’ll never get to see an actual image like this on film. 😦

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39 comments on “The Joker And Harley Quinn
  1. rainingcrow says:

    never say never, ledger may be gone, but the character can go on… admittedly I would have very different ideas for harley though… blogs and work concerning both topics can be seen on my deviantart page… (some of us are still too poor to afford a website… seriously with how much your work gets around one might suspect you have a publicist)

  2. rainingcrow says:

    btw what do you think of these two characters portrayal on “the batman” cartoons?

    1. catwoman
    2. joker

  3. foot says:

    This is amazing, like all your stuff.
    Where do you find all the bits and peices to make the images though?

  4. joshmc says:

    Stock images

  5. Derrick9592 says:

    if only that happens in the next sequel.. 😦

  6. Brandan says:

    Another great piece of art Josh.

    And I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want someone to play Joker for a while…let Heath’s performance shine for what it was. The next movie doesn’t HAVE to involve him.

  7. Matt says:

    Brandan, srry dude, but if you find snippets of the script for the next movie, in which they want johnny depp to play the riddler, the joker is in it, weither or not they stick to that i dont know, but for you josh,
    Great peice of work i saw ur mock cover with her and it looks great, honestly from the way you made her look, it makes me think of Dakota Fanning playing her, and hey it could happen.

  8. Dousch says:

    Very impressive, I would love some more art, now I’m off to check out your other stuff!

  9. psycheros says:

    This is a wonderful TDK adaptation of Harley Quinn. She fits right in!

  10. Daniel Scarton says:

    What people need to understand
    is that Heath Ledger died, but the
    Joker is alive! Let’s begin
    think with your head in Gotham, not outside. Surely, sooner or later we will have a return of the clown.

  11. Óscar says:

    Really nice work, but If she were to ever appear in Nolan’s Batman, she should be older than Kristen Bell, perhaps someone like Rachel McAdams, perhaps a li’l older even, so as to make it fit as a continuation to TDK with a more mature Joker (Daniel Day Lewis!!!!!!).
    Boy, dreaming is cheap.

  12. Joe Kerr says:

    You need to put in a different hammer maybe one more like this hahahaha and yes i made it for her lol

  13. Amanda says:

    oh my gosh! this is a HORRIBLE Harley Quinn. She’s supposed to be cute and bubbley, not morbid. Yuck.

  14. michael says:

    which part in the dark knight bis this and this is a great harley quinn it works for chris nolans take on the charecters

  15. Alex says:

    Amanda, the Joker is normally a dangerously off-kilter prankster with a constant ear-to-ear grin and a hyena’s laugh instead of a dark chaos-inducing mastermind, and look how it turned out with Heath! I say if darkening up the Joker made the movie all the better, then what’s so wrong about darkening Harley?

  16. michael says:

    exaccly. but we cant see this harley quinn because it would be dumb to have her if joker is not in it. and what seen in the dark knight is this?!?!?!?!?!?!

  17. brittney says:


  18. brittney says:


  19. vermihendrix says:

    @amanda – no offense but i think u’re way off the mark.
    keep in mind that ledger’s joker was not exactly as maniacal as bob kane’s original. in fact he seemed quite sadistic… more than the comic version and very in-control of his actions..
    i’m not saying ledger was not a good joker. Hell he was the best joker so far… but his role was still an adaptation… and i don’t think u should knock the idea of a grim quinn till u’ve at least tried it. @josh> bell looks absolutely perfect as quin. kudos on the costume. but i was kinda hoping for a bigger mallet 🙂

    now if only u cud do bryce dallas howard as poison ivy 🙂

  20. MalibuSunrise says:

    F***, they seem to like each other. F**. I want him!!!!!

  21. Mad says:

    Awsome, love Harley

  22. Karen says:

    they should make a sequel to the dark knight with harley quinn and joker of coarse they r the perfect duo lol

  23. Juditha Shipstad says:

    This is a beautiful Harley. Nice that you created her with a realistic silhouette and not weighed down by pendulous boobs.

  24. harleenquinn says:

    You’re fucking awesome,,,i realy love that picture…it’s pretty nice and…destructive? HA HA HA
    They are so…god it’s amazing I can`t take off my eyes of this two…excelent job 😀

  25. Richard Martin says:

    Brilliant absolutely brilliant! Shame this is only a fan image as I would love to see the Joker actually fall in love with her, how it would change him would be interesting enough to carry a small miniseries for me.

  26. VaNe5a says:

    U r soooooooooooooooo lucky to hav Kristen know about ur artwork! I mean I know Kristen like, i’ve interviewed her and had coffee wif her but u r so lucky! She talks about the pic all the time! And she hopes to see more!

  27. joshmc says:

    Cool, thanks for letting me know, glad she likes it. 🙂

  28. VaNe5a says:

    One question though, where did u get the clothes for harley? My god kristen is right u r a genius, plus she told me to tell that she will be printing off every picture of her as harley, we were watching the 1992 cartoon series with her and she just wouldn’t stop bouncing around the place. Anyways talk 2 me when u get the chance.

  29. joshmc says:

    The clothes are custom made, it’s all photo manipulated. Thanks.

  30. Batfan94 says:

    I love this picture! Wonderful job! They are so cute together, in a very weird yet great way.

  31. johana says:

    i loved

  32. durtyrobbin says:

    sorry dude, i was looking at how to email you couldn’t find your contact info. I posted it a paint manip on deviant. let me know if you want me to take it out.

  33. sam says:

    Well done. Harley Quinn has been little more than a supervillain groupie and you actually made the pairing plausible. Just add Kristen Bell and the character’s stronger and more complex.

  34. Brandi says:

    i wish they would make another joker movie and have harley quinn in it, the heath ledger look is boss, they should find a look a like and make another movie

  35. ac85 says:

    in the past there have been many encarnations of the joker. it is possible that he’ll be brought back. personally i would love to see adrian brody’s joker as he was concidered in the first palce. also for those of you concerned about the joker falling in love; what if (and i stress ‘what if’) the jokers story about his wife who left him came back into his life? she does have the matching scars…something to mull over.

  36. ac85 says:

    ps adrian would be an interesting joker because he has that sharp and pointed face look of the original comic book villan


    Yeah, the character of the Joker could still be played by someone else. But nobody will ever do it as well as Heath Ledger did. And I have always dreamed someday they would put Harley Quinn in the movies but it just won’t be the same now. My vision is off Heath Ledger as the Joker and somebody of equal awesomeness to play HQ. Too bad that’ll never happen. My heart is broken.

    Definitely an awesome pic though. That HQ is close to what I’m imagining a modern day Harley as but something’s missing.

  38. Anonymous says:

    bu sahneyi anlatan bi video varmı yada film sahnesi mi bu ? ne anlatılıyor acil cevap

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