DC Trinity Still

Ah, is this not the DC fanboy dream?


To be honest I don’t care much for the idea of having a JL film, especially one involving Nolan’s Batman (but that’s an argument for another day!). I actually started this a while ago but I got a bunch of jobs pre-Christmas that needed doing, so this and many other personal artworks got pushed back. One of the things I get requested the most is something Justice League related and whilst this isn’t quite JL, it’s DC Comcs’ Big Three, so here’s a Xmas present to all DC supporters!

This will be my last post and artwork for this year, have a great time over the festive season everyone, be safe and stay tuned for more in 2009!

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8 comments on “DC Trinity Still
  1. streetkid says:

    oh my god this is epic

  2. Brandan says:

    Terrific work as usual. Can’t wait to see more in 09.

  3. ZaZeN says:

    This is my wallpaper right now.
    Although it is a lil small anyway we can get a larger version?

  4. ZaZeN says:

    Nevermind I feel like a douche I saved the thumbnail not the full version.

  5. Auryn says:

    This is awesome!

  6. Brian H says:

    Sir, I do not know who you are, but I have been admiring your take on Wonder Woman and it blows me away. Seriously, if they ever make the movie, they need to copy this outfit exactly. It is an amazing modern take that takes the classic WW look and makes it more kick @$$! Do you have an actress in this costume or is this pure photoshop. It looks way to textured to be fake. Anyway, I look forward to discovering more of you ideas. The new Superman and Green Lantern were excellent as well. I’m a new fan.

  7. The Man of Steel says:

    Epic. Awesome. Iconic. The Trinity.

  8. Paul says:

    This is nuts. You’ve artfully & realistically nailed the characters (plus the much needed subtle cleanup on Supe’s suit). Hollywood artists couldn’t come even near any of this. There they are, with out a doubt !
    Big time kudos to you ! . . .

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