Wonder Woman Concept – Terrorist Shootout


New film concept, a bunch of terrorists fighting against a military force when unbeknown to them a special visitor flies up behind them. Surprise! You just know their day is about to get much worse. 🙂

About 5 hours or so on this, using both Painter, Photoshop and a mixture of different brushes, was going more for feel and tone rather than anything really dramatic action wise.

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5 comments on “Wonder Woman Concept – Terrorist Shootout
  1. streetkid says:

    u need to contact dc and warner brosand show them your concept art cause the superman reboot and wonder woman concept to fucking amazing you really need to show them what you have done you also need to do a Green Lantern, Green Arrow and The Flash concept design

  2. Brandan says:

    Nice work. Though, it might have been a nicer touch to have on turning around…I mean, a wall did just come down behind them, even gunfire can’t hide that. lol

    Also, are you still working on some more Flash stuff?

  3. joshmc says:

    ^ Actually, the wall is suppose to already have the hole in it, hence why the baddies wouldn’t have noticed her silently fly up behind them.

    Some Flash stuff is in the pipeline, was doing a suit design but kinda got stuck, bit of a mental blank.

  4. Brandan says:

    Ah, makes sense.

    Good to know Flash is still in the works..good luck with that. Just throwing this out there…Joshua Jackson would make a good Flash(Wally West)…lol

  5. ZaZeN says:

    Hey don’t forget the Martian Manhunter needs an upgrade as well.

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